The Tired Epidemic

The Tired Epidemic

An epidemic spreads throughout our society today.

Both, the young and old show signs. We’re all at risk.

Watch for it in the people you love. Watch for it in yourself, in your cats and beta fish.

You may already have it.

It is the “I’m tired” epidemic. And it’s a serious issue.



“Hey, Jo! Haven’t seen you in a while! How are you?”

“I’m tired.”Infected


“HANNAH! How’s it going?”

“I’m tired.”

Hannah's infected


“Hey, are you okay? You seem down and depressed lately.”

“I’m just tired.”

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“I was up watching YouTube videos all night.”

dramatically infected

This disease is so horrible that it effects the brain’s capability to come up with a decent answer to “how are you?”

This disease is stripping human kind of it’s common “how are you?” courtesies!! That is a basic human right, and it’s being taken away!

We must be on the lookout! We must stay caffeinated and not mope. We must smile at life and say you’re only as young as you feel!

We must stop the widespread answer, “I’m tired,” that is polluting society as we speak.

It’s time to take a stand and stop this in it’s tracks.

How do you feel, dear reader?

7 thoughts on “The Tired Epidemic

  1. I almost wanted to put I’m tired haha! Genuine today though. 100% agree with this post. My dad always says ‘you sleep enough when you die’ which may be a bit morbid but so true. It’s what coffee is made for!!! xx

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