Born Pretty Store Review

Born pretty store review

I don’t write a lot of reviews. When I do, they’re only ever for things I truly believe in or purchase from, such as Thred Up and Ipsy.

I found this store. They didn’t find me.

And I’m obsessed.

Born Pretty is a ridiculously affordable [cheap] online store. It reminds me of China Town. They offer jewelry, to nail art tools, to dresses, to gadgets for the house and home.

I found them off an add for the cutest little hot air balloon necklace. $2.99, free shipping WORLDWIDE.

I live in the world.

That seemed reasonable. I hate it when I buy something and the shipping costs more than the item I’ve purchased. Next thing I knew, I was browsing pages and pages of treasures and waiting for a package to come in the mail.

One downside: shipping takes forever. I think it took close to three weeks for my package to arrive. Don’t be in a hurry to receive your items. And if you’re buying something as a gift, buy it a month in advance.

As a wise man once said, it ain’t easy being cheap.

Born pretty store

Gold bee clip

The first item I had to have was because I’d seen it in a Pinterest photo.


Tell me. Do you think it’s a bee or a golden fly? I find golden bee more appealing.

They’re $1.99 each and definitely make a statement. They say I’m a bee, not a flower. I’m not afraid of stepping outside the box and being different. I can pursue instead of be pursued. I’m a lawbreaker, a visionary. I’m a golden pin. I’m polished and shine.

It’s a rather long-winded hairpin, but I love it just the same.

Leaf ring

This ring was my most expensive purchase, but also my favorite.

leaf ring index finger

Leaf ring silver

It’s a beautiful silver leaf ring with tiny crystals that sparkle in the light. I’m usually not one for sparkle, but I can’t take my eyes off this ring.

Ugh. So pretty! It speaks for itself.

It was $6.35.

Leave necklace

Lastly, I got this delicate silver leaf necklace (are we sensing a pattern? I am). It is $0.99.

Everything I bought was great quality and did not feel like I was purchasing from the 99c store. That says something. The metal doesn’t feel cheap and nothing has stained my skin green.

I was so excited about this website, I immediately told Chris. And guess where my Valentine’s Day present came from?


Half heart necklace

I received a second surprise package in the mail that included this half-heart blue gem necklace.


There were matching earrings as well.

Chris also knows how much I want to visit Paris, so he sent me this. It’s so pretty.

DSC05990All in all, I love this online website. I will be shopping there more in the future. As I said, the only downside is how long shipping takes. But the quality is great and the prices are fantastic, so I give them a ten-star, Cheap ThriftStore Girl, rating.

That’s a powerful rating.

Check it out when you get the chance! You might just find a special treasure.

And if the prices still aren’t to your liking, use coupon code KOOT10 to get 10% OFF!

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