The Different Faces Of Makeup

The Different Faces Of Makeup Rebekah

A study showed that men find it attractive to watch women put on makeup. Makeup is one of those female things that makes us the magical, mysterious creatures we are to men.

But ladies, have you ever thought of how many expressions you make when putting on a fresh face?

I’m here to break it down.

But first, look at this awesome shirt I wore especially for this post.

Awesome shirt

Spirited Away Shirt

#1 Moisturizer

Is this enough

3 moisturizer

Indian war paint

4 indian war face

#2. Foundation

Back of hand

5 foundation

#1. too

6 foundation spilling


7 staring

Beauty Blender Moment

8 Beauty blender

Dab dab

8 cheek

dab dab dab

9 chin

#3. Concealer

1. squinty

Concealer face

#1 nose

Down the nose

#4. Contour

#1 contour game

Too cool for school

#1. teehee


#1. Blend

Momentary fear


#1. Fishy face

Fishy face contour

#1. cough 2

Fall out

#1. Blush


#6. mascara

#1. eyelid


#1. bottom lashes

Mascara bottom lashes



#1. ooh

Oooh lipstick

#1. beauty

Applying lipstick

#1. rubbing

Rubbing lips


Pouty lips



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