Things I Lie About And Why

Things I lie about and why

I know it’s wrong to lie.

We all know it’s wrong to lie. Then they slip out, quickly and quietly, one after the other.

Here are the things I find myself lying about a little too frequently. And it’s not about age or weight.

Lord please forgive me.

1. I heard you, loud and clear.

Sometimes, people mumble, and if by the third “sorry, what?” and I still don’t understand what they’re saying, I will match their facial expression and nod and pretend I finally understand.

“Ohh. That’s what you meant?? I get it now!”

I don’t.


2. I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you just said.

I know it’s bad that I do this. I know it’s bad that I do ANY of this, but I do this one a lot.

If someone’s talking to me–in excess–and I would rather they wrap up, even if I wasn’t listening to a thing they said, even if they mumbled half of it without knowing, if the question comes up, “you know what I mean?“, to save myself from having to hear, not only the argument repeated, but a drawn out explanation of the argument, I will always answer “absolutely.”

Exactly why I don’t work in politics.


3. That huge word you just announced nonchalantly as if anyone with common sense knows the meaning, of course I know what it means.

I have mixed feelings about people who use a gigantic word and then glance at me to see if I’m reacting. It’s possible they just know big words. But on the off-chance that they’re showing off, I do not want to give them the satisfaction of me looking dumb.

See, I’m nodding now. . .


But inside, I’m committing that word to memory. I’ll ask my mom what in the world you were talking about when I get home tonight.

4. I was only on YouTube/Netflix for an hour.



what year is it

5. Of course you’re my best friend!

I don’t have the heart to tell someone that I don’t consider them my best friend. I’m very realistic when it does come to who I consider my true friends and my best friends. But if there’s a loving soul in front of me, smiling and telling the world that I’m their best friend. . .

I just can’t break it to them.


What do you lie about?

7 thoughts on “Things I Lie About And Why

  1. Number three, yes yes yes! I can’t stand it when people use long words and then look at you like they’re waiting for you to question their meaning! Fine if you’re just intelligent, but don’t patronise me please. (I’m also really bad at number 2, so don’t feel too bad!)


  2. I can so totally relate when people use those really big words. I’ve even told people “what are we jeopardy don’t use those words no one knows”. But I have to admit to to goimg home and asking asking.


  3. We’re not best friends??? Haha but I have the worst hearing, and when someone has said something to me three times and I have still not heard it I usually just go Ohhhh! and nod.


  4. O my!! this post just made my day. I seriously laughed from the beginning till the end of this post! Literally, everything you’ve mentioned.. is things that I do as well! hahaha! ESPECIALLY the first one XD I do that allot!
    I’m absolutely loving your blog!!! So glad I found it!
    Jade x


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