A Sunday In My Life

A Sunday In my Life

I’m a church girl, as you guys know, but a lot of people don’t live the way I live or believe what I believe. So I thought I’d give you a peek into a Sunday of my life.


[8:00 AM] This particular Sunday, my mixed ensemble was singing a special for Sunday morning service. I always listen to music as I get ready, so I practice my part of the song while doing hair and makeup.


#IWokeUpLikeThis/ #NotAMorningPerson face.

For my birthday, being the independent adult I am, I bought myself a lot of new makeup products, including the Lorac Pro Pallet. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a haul post or some reviews on the products I bought.


[8:30 AM] Doesn’t matter how early I get ready, I’m always finishing in the car, usually with jewelry. My little brother was determined to take as many “ugly pictures” of me as possible, luckily I found some decent ones anyways.


[8:45 AM] We arrive at church early for a quick practice and sound check.


After the choir rehearses the morning’s song, we hang out until Sunday school hour. Blue was the color of the day.



[9:45 AM] My parents are the teachers of the College And Career Singles class. Being the movie-lovers us Koontzes are, every week, my dad kicks off his lesson with a clip from a movie, YouTube video, or game show.

Sometimes we have way too much fun in church. I can admit to that. But if you can’t have fun with your church family, where can you have fun? Can I get an amen!


After the clip, we circle up the chairs for bible study.



Sunday school is meant for discussion, asking and answering questions, and posing different thoughts. It’s my favorite time of church. I like to think, and discuss, and talk, as you may know.


[11:00 AM] “Second service” or “main service” (the time when the choir sings and pastor preaches) I call — and will always call — “big church.” It’s the part of church Moms and Dads go to, too. So it’s “big” church.

After we sing in the choir, everyone from the mixed ensemble congregates in the front pews and sits, poised with our microphones, ready for pastor to give us the signal to walk on.


[11:30 AM] Pastor preaches a great sermon and we have an alter call open to anyone to come and talk to God, or talk to a pastor, or ask for prayer. How hungry we are then determines how long we stay at church after service to “fellowship” (church talk for chatting with friends).

[12:35 PM] Lunch and lounge time.


The first thing we do as a family is separate into our individual rooms and change out of church clothes, then we eat.

[2:15] Lie around, decide whether to nap or make coffee, watch TV or YouTube videos.


[3:15 PM] Get back into church clothes (typically forgetting a belt or some other accessory I was wearing in the morning) and go to choir practice.

[3:30 PM] The first part of choir we spend in groups: altos, sopranos, bases, tenors. Then we come together as a full choir and rehearse the complete songs.


Choir practice is fun. It’s challenging. I’m a second soprano, so finding my note among four other notes is like a brain game. I enjoy the puzzle piecing of it.

I’m also in charge of making sure everyone has the music they need, which requires I bring separate shoes to run around in, instead of killing my feet in heels.


Each of these boxes has specific sheet music, and it is my goal to memorize where everything is. This will aid my job tremendously.

[5:45 PM] I steal the car and rush home fifteen minutes after choir practice because I realize I forgot my phone, and I’m that addicted.

[5:55 PM] I cry because I don’t have time to stop by Del Taco for a $1 iced coffee and rush to get back to church on time.

[6:00 PM] We have evening service, beginning with congregation hymns and then a choir special. Then our junior pastor preaches. He uses a lot more stories and analogies which I like.

[7:45 PM] We usually have mixed ensemble practice by this time, but since we sang in the morning, we get the night off. Sometimes we go out after church, but last night we went home, and I wrote an article that was due for my internship with OmgHow.

[9:00 PM] We celebrate a Sunday well accomplished. (And I typically take this time to hate on everyone who insists on ruining my night and reminding me that tomorrow is Monday. Unnecessary.)

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post!

6 thoughts on “A Sunday In My Life

  1. Omg my sunday is very similar to us in so many ways. Except we dont have evening service and I don’t go for choir practice after church but I do sing in the choir too but im an alto 😀
    imachoccakeaholic.blogspot. co.uk


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