Blog Anniversary! — My Thoughts On WordPress vs. Blogger

Blog Anniversary my thoughts on wordpress vs blogger

According to WordPress, today is my Blog Anniversary! Cake all around! You must congratulate me. I never pay attention to things like this, so I’m glad WordPress does. This teeny notification sent me reminiscing through time, and I wanted to know how long I have actually been blogging. I checked my WordPress stats.

I started using WordPress in 2013, after using Blogger for years, and hated it. I understood nothing, and for the first time in my life, I understood the hype around old people saying “I don’t get a lick of it. I ask my grandkids to do it for me.” Sadly, I had no grandkids.

So I pouted, and wanted to throw the computer, and had huge temper tantrums, and choice words. I’d leave it alone and come back and try again.

In my head, people who used WordPress had a higher chance of gaining followers. That’s what kept me coming back.As I had three Blogger sites already, with only a total of ten followers, all being people I knew.

My first post on Blogger was published on October 7, 2009. I was fourteen.

I have been blogging for six years.

I think you will be surprised that I don’t have a huge pool of followers. It’s because I really write, and always have written, for myself. Past, present, future self, it’s all for me.

The thought of someone stumbling across my words on the internet has always been thrill enough.

So I’ll take this paragraph to encourage you. Write for you. Not for anyone else. Because the person who will be back on your site twenty years from now will be you. And you will wish, so much, that you were real and true to yourself.

Between WordPress and Blogger, I’ve never regretted changing. Mostly for the mindset of a new website, a more mature me, a new page in my life. However, Blogger will always reign supreme when it comes to template customization and ease of access.

WordPress forces you to pay for a lot of the customization, such as font, colors, background, etc. And it can be a pain to move widgets around sidebars and footers. While with Blogger, you simply click and drag.

I still haven’t figured out if Adsense doesn’t work on WordPress. If it doesn’t, I suppose this is another Up Blogger has on WordPress. However, WordPress feels more professional. I think it’s the way their site is designed and the colors they use.

It can all be in my head.

Hopefully these little observations help you choose between WordPress and Blogger. I sound to be dissing WordPress, but I do like it more, because that is all I use now. I have transferred all three of my old blogs onto this one.

When I reached 100 followers on WordPress I did my first YouTube Video. I won’t be doing a YouTube Video for this anniversary post, but I am at 169 followers, and if I make it to 200, I may do another video, or I may not, whichever one appeals to you more!

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary! — My Thoughts On WordPress vs. Blogger

  1. NO WAY! We have the same blogiversiry,! I’m turning one today! I didn’t even realize it until I saw that little notification haha Congrats on all of your years of blogging:)

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  2. Congrats on your blog anniversary! 🙂
    Also, another thing I like more about WordPress is that it’s easier to comment on. Maybe it’s just my computer, but sometimes Blogger blogs simply will not let me comment.

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