Pasco’s Pizza — Restaurant Review

Pasco's Pizza Review

I’ve been thinking a lot about our trip from California to New York. While on the trip, I reviewed a restaurant in Texas called Hoffbrau Steaks, from sheer love and adoration. I was shocked to find they had read it and tweeted me to come back soon!

That is all the encouragement I require. Also, any excuse to eat yummy food. I mean, it’s not that tough a choice.

My family and I go to Pasco’s Pizza frequently. They know our order better than we do and automatically change the TV to food network when we arrive because we’re not really sports people.

We’re obviously food people.

Pasco’s Pizza is a sports bar establishment with a medieval feel.

Corner table at Pascos Pizza

Pascos Pizza lamp

Wall in pascos pizza

Trophies in Pascos

They’re constantly hosting little league parties, as well as other get-togethers. We’ve even reserved a room for our College and Careers class last Christmas.

I do want to mention that the bar is very subdued since it’s located in a far corner of the restaurant, if this is something of a concern to you.

Now onto the food.

Barbecue chicken sandwitch

Beside’s pizza, Pasco’s offers a variety of sandwiches (each coming with your choice of macaroni, potato, or green salad, or a bag of chips), chicken wings, and sides like mozzarella sticks, or – our personal favorite – twisted garlic and cheese bread.

Garlic twisted cheese bread

Specials Pasco's Pizza

If we get there between, 11-4pm, we order off the lunch special menu, each selection being under $6.


Otherwise, we go for our usual: a large cheese pizza with no sauce and New York style crust.

New York Style Cheese No Crust

My mom and little brother are very picky when it comes to their pizza drowning in sauce, so they began ordering it without. They love Pasco’s because, even without sauce, the pizza is cheesy and delicious. It’s also never greasy.

I’m not even sure they’ve tried it with sauce, because after first try of it without, they were hooked.

And I like pizza sauce, but this is still very good.

Cheesy pizza

I definitely recommend Pasco’s for any type of occasion. I asked, and they don’t offer anything along the lines of dessert, but they do have a “Winner Every Time” candy machine.


A lot of my quarters are in there. . .

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Pasco’s Pizza is located on the corner of Main St and I Ave in Hesperia, CA.

They’re open Mon-Sun, 11am-9pm.

12 thoughts on “Pasco’s Pizza — Restaurant Review

  1. I go there a lot myself, it’s a quality place. Before being called Pasco’s it was an establishment known Round Table. Little to nothing has been changed to the place, minus te addition of the flat screen tv’s.


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