Cars Break Down — A Koontz Lifestyle Post


Yesterday, our van broke down, (luckily) after lunch, but in the rain—basically in the middle of the road. Though, it was well enough in the middle so cars could move around us easily.

It was no big deal.

Our cars have been breaking down all my life. I’ve pushed little cars, big cars, in the rain, in the mud, up hills.

My one negative thought about the van breaking down was, darn, I’m wearing my favorite heels. .

The title of this post is Cars Break Down, which sounds like a metaphor, but I’m really talking about cars breaking down. Crazy plot twist, try to keep up.

My mom prides our family for our overwhelming calm during these situations. She says her and my dad never freaked out. My dad would pop the hood, and us kids broke out the toys and played until we were either towed, or my dad found a temporary fix to at least get us home.

I guess if I were to turn this into a metaphor, the life lesson would be “freaking out makes no difference to the situation you’re in.” Though, all us freak-outers will claim to know that already.

We clicked on our hazard lights and just as my dad and brother jumped out of the car, a silver sedan pulled up and a man grinned at us through his open window, “do you need help pushing?!” He yelled.

My favorite heels were very grateful.

With the three men pushing and my mom grunting at the wheel to get the car turning in the right direction (I was helpful dead weight to the situation), they got it to the side of the road, and we all thanked our good samaritan.

Seriously, people like that make my day. Thank you Good Samaritan.

I spent the rest of the time taking Instagram pictures and enjoying my newfound hope in humanity until the tow truck arrived.


Who else gets the chance to take a Sunday selfie in the back of a tow truck?

The driver took us home, and my family grinned and asked me if I was going to blog about this almost-regular occurrence in our Koontz family life. I shook my head and told them that breaking down isn’t that great of a story.

However, I guess getting picked up by a cool tow truck with a back seat was pretty cool.

So here’s me blogging about it. I underestimate my awesome make-boring-life-interesting-life writing capabilities. (I mean, you’ve read this far, right?)


So we broke down.

I think I want to change this into a new metaphor: Cars Break Down–It happens.

And may I add, I feel sorry for people who have new cars that never break down. They miss out on the adventure we have on a day-to-day basis. Yes, I’m quoting my father.

5 thoughts on “Cars Break Down — A Koontz Lifestyle Post

  1. Helpful dead weight???
    You couldn’t even stand outside and lend moral support?
    Or how about channeling that Drill Instructor you had in the Sea Cadets and providing motivation?
    You really missed out on a golden opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

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