3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

3 last-minute valentine's Day treats

I have the biggest sweet tooth, so any excuse to indulge in my sweet tooth is welcome.

Valentine’s Day sang to me in glorious tones,¬†sprinkles, pink frosting, chocolateee, Rebekahhh, come neaarr.

Here are three last minute Valentine’s Day treats you can crank out if you’re going to a party, making dessert, or want to give someone¬†a sweet gift.

Hugs and kisses chocolate covered pretzels

m&m pretzels

These are salty, sweet, bite-sized deliciousness, and you need them in your life. They are honestly the fastest and easiest twist on a chocolate covered pretzel out there. And there’s next to no clean up. Unless, you count wadding up forty wrappers of Hershey’s chocolate hugs.

Hug wrappers

Hug wrapper ball

I always wondered what it would look like if I were to eat a whole bag of Hershey’s chocolate anything. Now I know.

Click here if you would like to learn how to make these.

2 Twinkie Hearts

Twinkie Hearts

The fastest, cute dessert you could possibly make on Valentine’s Day have to be Twinkie hearts. In reality, I’m pretty sure I messed mine up, but click here to learn how (and how not to) make these.

3 valentine cookie pops

Cookie pops 1

I’m pretty much obsessed with these. They look great. They honestly brighten up the table. They taste like Circus Animal Cookies, and they’re awesome.

Need I say more?

Click here.

I hope you enjoyed these three easy treats. Let me know and send me pictures if you recreate them, and have a sweet and romantical Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship or single. Thanks for reading!

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