January Favorites — Beauty, Shirts, Random, & More!

January favorites 1

January is over. Can you believe it? I can’t.

Usually January is boring and nothing happens except for recovering from holidays and realizing our New Years Resolutions were harder than our optimistic hearts had anticipated (the gym’s already empty guys).

However I obviously got excited and have scrounged up quite a few of my favorites of the month.


I have a couple beauty products, which is a surprise to me because I’m not really a makeup fanatic. (Hence, why I signed up for Ipsy. I digress.  .)
The first is an ELF Baked Blush.

Elf Baked Blush-Highlighter

Before I get into it, I’ll acknowledge that I only have nail polish on one hand. That’s what happens when you think 11 at night is a great time for a manicure without accounting for drying time.

So I quit at one hand.

However, on my nails is the topcoat from my “Target Haul (Justified. . .)”. Adele from The Girl in Glasses wanted to know what it looked like so I did a kind of upside down tip on my nail. Hope you like it, Adele! Thanks for giving me my first ever Reader’s Request. *wink*

Back to the blush.

Applying highlighter

I have naturally red cheeks so blush has never stood out to me as a useful product. If anything, I wanted to dumb down the “oh how cute, Rebekah’s blushing” comments. However, I find that this blush has almost no color and is all shine! I use it as a highlighter and I’m obsessed.

Eye shadow

The next thing I’ve “discovered” were these Claire’s eye shadows, probably the first eye shadows I’ve ever owned. They were a present from my quinceanera, and I was utterly disappointed. Didn’t they know I don’t wear makeup. . or nail polish. . or brush my hair? We just had an obstacle course involving a real chicken for goodness sake. .

I was a different kind of girl then.

Ungrateful (lol).

Makeup Brush ninja

Anyways. I use these two elf brushes, the black one to apply the pale pinky tan color all over my lid and the white one to blend the lighter of the brown into my eyeball crease. In some way I feel like it looks classic and vintage.

Then I’ve been using the black eye shadow and an angled brush for eyeliner. So much easier than a crayon or felt tip.

It costmetics bye bye under eye - Copy

My last beauty favorite is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye full coverage concealer. It seriously covers everything. My favorite part is how thick it is, and I can also use it on spots.

No fears of ugly break outs with this little baby. Thanks Ipsy!

white square

Drinking tea

My favorite tea and mug for the month of January were the easiest pick.

Lipton green tea peach

This is one of the teas I mentioned in my Target Haul. It’s the Lipton Green Tea White Mangosteen Peach. I got it for about two dollars, so I couldn’t resist. And I like peach. Well, the smell of peaches. . (I’m not really sure I’ve smelled peaches.) Maybe I just like the thought of peaches.

Tea favorites

I’d never had a fruity hot tea before and didn’t think I’d like it, but I love this one. I can drink it at any time. My cinnamon tea has been quickly replaced.

The mug I’ve been using is the one I got for Christmas from my friend, Amy. Above is a better picture of the bike with the cute little robin. I love it.


John green an abundance of katherines

Slow and steady wins the race with this one. Not because it’s bad, but because a million other things demand my attention. For example, my eyeballs are burning and screaming give us a rest! but I’m writing this post instead.

I’m not bored of this book though. As sparsely as I’m reading it, I never get lost, and each time I pick it up again, I’m just as quickly engrossed. Not every book is like that.

I’ll be finishing it before February is over for sure.

Brilliant ideas notebook

My favorite notebook is hands down Brilliant Ideas. I love it. It has gold polka dots and a ribbon marker.

Looking brilliant

And don’t I just look more brilliant holding it? I think so.


Smelling candle

My favorite candle of the month is Bath And Body Work’s Sparkling Icicles. It literally smells like fresh wintery soap, and I burned it a lot during Christmas and New Year so happy memories are attached to the smell.


Omghow Shirt

Omghow.com sent me a shirt! I’m a sucker for shirts, especially of things I’ve participated in. They’re like a wearable scrapbook or resumé.

This is one of those fuzzy pictures that you like. So you put it in the post anyways.
This is one of those fuzzy pictures that you like. So you put it in the post anyways.


Thank you Omghow! If you guys haven’t, you should check out the site. It’s really cool since it’s completely written by girls. You can sign up to write, or even request an article, and they’re always updating and getting fancier, so be sure to stop by.


LIstening to music

My favorite song is what kicked off January favorites for me, and that song is Shackles by Mary Mary. I sang it in the high school choir. Recently I was listening to the CD, and I can listen to it over and over and it just makes me happy!

You better believe I sing along and do the dance. Also, the words are great. In the end, we’re the ones who put the shackles on ourselves, and we need to choose to release ourselves from them and praise God no matter the circumstances.


Finally, my random favorite, which is always what I look forward to in Favorites posts, is something you may have been wondering about on the wall behind me.

Post it forehead

Here’s me failing to stick it on my forehead. .

Post it mouth

Trying to attach it to my lip gloss.

Post it favorite

Then, as all things do, it fell and got stuck in my hair.

My random favorites are POST ITs! I’ve never been into post its until now. I love making random notes and sticking them wherever I want. I love that they aren’t permanent, but easily accessible.

And that’s it for me! Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments what your favorites of the month were! Happy first of February to you! Who’s ready for Valentines day posts?

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