My Dad, In Photographs


My dad in photographs

Today is my dad’s birthday. You all know my dad. You’ve seen him around.

And tell me you didn’t miss this rock star picture of him during Blogmas.


Oh yeah.

Well I wanted to do something special on my blog for him. I started collecting pictures. I know I’m a writer, but every now and then a picture came up that would remind me of my dad or an experience we had together.

A lot of these may not make sense to you as a reader, especially since my dad nor I areĀ in any of them. But I hope you like it, Papi. I know it’s a little different.

Classic Cars

Bike gears

Bikes in a row


Man feet on kayack


photo-1414924347000-9823c338079bOld carOld car interior

Guitar neck

Feet bus full of people


Man with bike at the beach

Sail Boat


VW at the beach

My dad is adventure, music, old cars with potential, hiking, and a walk at the beach. That may not make sense to everyone, but that’s him.

Thank you for being you, Papi, and for never giving up on dreams and adventure. You never have that “I’m old and out of time” attitude that poisons some and makes them bitter, and I’m so glad for that. (PS. You’re not old.)

Thank you for what you do for the family, for always listening and asking those searching questions, and for teaching us a sense of humor and love of thrift shopping.

Thank you for supporting my writing and always trying to make me better even when I’m in a mood and don’t want to hear your critique. You’ve always encouraged me to write, and I appreciate it so much.

I hope today serves you well. You’re at work as I write this, but I don’t want to post this on the blog until you’ve read it first, and I have a German chocolate cake ready and waiting for you. What do you give the man who has everything?

I just want you to know I speak for all of us when I say we’re all grateful for the guidance and Godly example you portray every day. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

And. . .

Aaaaa happy birthday to you,

A happy birthday to you!

May you feel Jesus near every day of the year!

A happy birthday to you,

A happy birthday to you,

And the best one that you ever haaaaaad!

Happy birthday, Papi.

2 thoughts on “My Dad, In Photographs

  1. Reblogged this on The Rebekah Koontz Site and commented:

    Dear Papi,
    Your birthday has come again. As I reread this post, I realized everything I said is as true as the day I wrote it.

    Yes, that is a lazy way of regifting the same blog post to you.

    But no, really. The only difference is that we’ve both grown. We’ve grown from father and daughter, which we will always be, and into friends. Thank you for always caring about my opinion and making me feel like my insight is valuable. That means so much.

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday today, and I hope you enjoy the oatmeal cookies, the caramel walnut fudge brownies, and your chocolate cake (all baked fresh today! *wink*).

    Happy birthday.


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