Target Haul (Justified. . )

Target haul 1 Justified

For Christmas, my uncle gave me a Target gift card.

You may be thinking that I did a haul not too long ago and are now judging me for my materialistic ways and lack of money savings.

But any shopaholic knows that buying something with a gift card isn’t really spending money and it’s a gift, hence I’m justified. That was easy logic.

Thank you, Tio, for the gift card. Now let me show you guys what I bought!

Frizz Ease and Not Your Mothers

Some of the first items I knew I had to pick up were the Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Spray, and the Frizz Ease 6 Effects Serum (I by mistake got Extra Strength instead of regular).

I haven’t used the Not Your Mothers spray yet, but the Frizz Ease has been working well. I’m pretty sure my hair is softer. If you want full reviews on any of these products let me know in the comments.

Makeup on Clearance

My next stop was of course the makeup isle, since spending my own money on makeup can be rather difficult, but spending other people’s money is much easier.

I needed a new eyelash curler. My old one was a NYC brand. They didn’t have any, so I went for the next cheap thing and got an elf. It also came with an extra rubber pad that I’ll lose soon.

The next item on my been-wanting-forever list was a NYC Bronzer in Sunny. I’ve heard a lot of YouTubers talk about this. It’s around $3, and I finally had a guilt-free reason to try it out. I won’t lie, once I tried to put on bronzer and ended with a shimmery brown smile extension running up both my cheeks. We’ll see how it goes with this one.

Then I scored with different clearance items.

Makeup clearance

These little guys were sneaky as they weren’t on the clearance shelf, but mixed in with all the other makeup. I found them anyways.

Covergirl Lipstick and Maybelline Color Whisper

One is a Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick and the other is a Maybelline Color Whisper, each for under two dollars which is exactly why I bought them if I’m being honest. I figured I’d make the colors work for me later.

Color whisper mark down

These had to be marked down quite a bit, obviously, until someone like me bought it.

Maybelline Color Show Jewels

I also got this Maybelline New York Color Show Jewels nail polish for $0.88. It’s a clear top coat with white flakes in it ranging from different sizes. It’d be perfect for a snowflake manicure, even though Christmas is over. I really like it though.

Target clearance booties

My favorite item were these brown leather booties, on sale for $15. So far I’ve worn them with pants, leggings, and a dress, and they’re awesome.

Funny enough, I found a similar pair of these at Macy’s weeks before, but those were around $150.

2014-12-30 13.57.13

The ones I bought also have tips that looked like they were rubbed with black shoe polish.

Target booties on clearance

I really like that added detailing. Take that over-priced Macy’s!

Braided gold headband

Next to Target are a Staples and 99c store, which is where I spent more money, but for a good cause.

At the 99c store, I grabbed a package of bobby pins. They’re Goody brand and about $3 cheaper than buying them at Target. I also found a braided copper headband I just had to have because it’s pretty.

You may have noticed the packs of gum. Funny story. At Target, these packs of gum cost around three dollars, which I thought was too much money to spend on gum. So when I went to the 99c Store and found the same exact gum for a dollar each, I bought three packs. And it made perfect, logical sense.

Brillant Ideas notebook

At Staples, I wanted to buy a monthly planner so I could better plan out my blog posts for the week. Planners are a ridiculous $12. Then I fell in head-over-heels love with this “Brilliant Ideas” notebook ($5).

I got home, used a ruler to draw a calendar on the page, and BAM. DIY planner my friends.

I also bought two boxes of tea, Peach and Berry. I forgot to photograph.

Target haul 1

And there you have it! I bought a lot, with only about $10 out of my own pocket. . And it was so much fun.

12 thoughts on “Target Haul (Justified. . )

  1. I love hauls and spending with a gift card is always a pleaser! I won a £200 gift card on the radio for a clothing store, I have had way too much fun spending it!

    I like all of the items that you picked up, your money went a long way! I’d like to see the nail polish effect 🙂


      1. Woohoo for that, reader requests help us to shape our blogs! 🙂

        I always love browsing pretty nail looks and this one sounds lovely so I’m looking forward to seeing it.


  2. Oh this makes me miss Target so much! It doesn’t exist here in the UK (tragic) so I have no way of fuelling the seasonal M&M addiction I developed whilst living in New York.
    Your new boots look lovely- such a bargain!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh! I have been wanting to try Not Your Mothers Beach Babe products. Could you possibly do a review on the texturizing spray? That would be amazing!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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