How To Deal: With Your Foot Falling Asleep

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It’s happened. That moment when it’s time to get up from the couch/bed/chair, and you feel something.

Your left leg is heavier than usual. You’re not sitting on it anymore, so it should be feeling lighter, not heavier. You realize it’s numb. The tiniest wiggle of your pinky toe sends a lightning bolt splintering through your nerves all the way up to your teeth.

Your foot fell asleep. What are your options now?

I’m glad you asked.

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3 thoughts on “How To Deal: With Your Foot Falling Asleep

  1. I always stomp my foot on the floor about five times. I have so-so results. My feet rarely fall asleep unless I sit on the floor, it doesn’t even take a long time for it to happen either. My left foot has bad circulation so it usually does it the most! It takes about 25 minutes for the other foot to fall asleep. It just depends on how I sit. I am very weird on my lower half. Sorry for the personal rambling too! Lol

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      1. Well honestly, that’s like a guess! Stomping does make it better sometimes, with the tingly and spasm like feelings aren’t that big of a deal to get through while I’m hitting the floor. I don’t recommend it for everybody though! I’ve always done it. Lol


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