What I Got For Christmas 2014

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I love reading What I Got For Christmas posts, so why not write my own?

Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging. (Everyone puts this disclaimer and for good reason, so I shall do the same.) I like reading these kind of posts because I’m nosy, and I think what you get says a lot about your personality. But if you’re the kind of person that is easily jealous, please read one of the other 357 posts up on my blog. It will be more enjoyable for the both of us that way.

The final thing I will say is that Christmas is in no way about the material presents, but about the greatest gift of our salvation in Jesus Christ, who was born on Christmas. Let’s not ever forget that. We have so much more to be thankful for.

All that to say, I’ll jump right into the post.

New camera 017

As you all know, I bought myself a camera this Christmas (Blogmas Day #11: Most Excited Customer Ever). My dad told me a few days ago that because I was so incredibly excited about the camera, buying presents for me was a breeze.

DSC02583 (1)

(Left to right) My parents bought me an external hard drive for pictures, a on-the-go charger for my phone, a camera remote, and a mini tripod.

The Flexion Power Bank Card (on-the-go charger) was the coolest, and not something I expected. I had asked for one, but I was thinking of the bulky kind in the shape of a Pez container.

This device has – by far – the cutest user manual known to man. I recommend you buy the card just for this reason. The first lines read, “In case you accidentally read this User Manual instead of immediately throwing it out, we would like to thank you for deciding to purchase our 2500 mAh Power Bank card.”

The Safety Guidelines are hilarious as well. ” 4. Claustrophobia is a read thing. When charging, make sure to avoid covering the battery so it does not panic and overheat. If you feel the battery has gotten excessively hot, stop using it immediately and shoot us an email. It’s probably just a temporary fever, but better safe than sorry.”

DSC02587 (1)

Next is “smell good stuff,” as my older brother would call it. He got me my first “fancy” perfume, per my request. He got me Guess Girl, which upon first sniff did not smell like the sample I fell in love with. I actually messed up. The sample I got was Guess Girl Belle, but Guess Girl smells nice too. Thanks Ink!

My Mom and little brother teamed up and got me some Bath and Body works products. Sparkling Icicles and a Gourmet Espresso candle (my little brother said hiding the Espresso candle was the worst since it smells so strong. They ended up stashing it in a filing cabinet to hide the smell). My mom also got me A Thousand Wishes lotion. We had gone to BBW together and the lady put it on our hands as we waited. I mentioned how I liked it.

DSC02593 (1)

Next, in the way of girly stuff, my mom thought it cute to get me a bunch of little things from ULTA, including the scariest looking eyelash curler with a big plastic gemstone. She laughed when I looked on it with horror.

I totally saw my mom pull the pink Fashion Emergency Kit off the wrack and take it with her as we were shopping. I didn’t think twice about it, then I unwrapped it in my Christmas presents. It’s actually a really handy tin! Two other gifts from my mom and dad included the awesome Mockingjay Pin (same one I wore to the Military Ball) and a really pretty Ashley Bridget Bracelet. It means Strength.


My older brother also gave me this pretty Amanda Rose snowflake necklace. I mean, seriously, can we have Christmas again just so I can wear this every day? (Let’s be honest, you’ll be seeing a lot of it anyways.)


Finally, from my wonderful friends, who I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from!

DSC02600 (2)

When Amy and I went shopping together, we began making lists of what the other likes for future gifts. We were sitting in Starbucks one day when she perked up at something behind me, “you like old-style bicycles right?” She was flicking through her phone. Then she found what I assume was my “list,” beamed at me, and jumped down from her stool. Next thing I knew, she was giving me a red box with a big gold circle on it and inside was the cutest mug of an old style bike with a little robin riding on it, wearing a top hat, and in the little bike-cup-holder was the teeniest Starbucks cup.

I love it.

Jake, also knowing my love of mugs, got me and Chris matching gifts; a huge Hershey’s chocolate mug/s’mores-making gift set. Since we ate the s’mores, I only have a picture of the mug that was left. Still a stinkin’ awesome mug.

And finally, Chris got me a hoodie from his college, along with a teddy bear that I’ve already Instagramed, and a CD (not shown), all to keep me company while he’s away at school for another semester.

Thank you so much for everything everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

What was your favorite Christmas present this year? Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2014

  1. So braggy, I’m deeply offended. Juuuust kidding, all your stuff is super nice! I spotted your mockingjay pin you wore to the ball, I would love to smell that Guess perfume too. I also have an external hard drive it’s just full of tv shows and movies..

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