2014: My Year In Review

My year 2014

It’s so awesome to look back at what you’ve gone through and accomplished in life, especially during the new year. It’d be a shame to forget in my opinion, whether things were good or bad.

What you’ve gone through and your memories are what make you, you. I wouldn’t want to lose that, no matter how horrible some experiences may have been in the moment.

I usually review my year on my birthday. I have a special notebook I try to write the highlights in, but so as not to confuse anyone, and since we’re into a new year, I shall review my year today.

This post will be a surprise to both you and me. It’s sad how little I remember about my own life. Thank goodness I write a blog.

January 2014


Chris bought me a Captain America top for Christmas last year. Because we think we’re cool, we picked a day when we both could dress in our Captain America attire and walked around a shopping center the whole day matching. We were even yelled at through a megaphone and took a picture with Kate Hudson.

February 2014


One of my friends, Julie, had a pin-up photo shoot for her birthday. There were six of us girls, red lips quivering, curled hair slapping our faces by the freezing wind, and heels sunk in the grass, but it was honestly so, so much fun.

I also published a short romance on TeenInk! I was a little annoyed I couldn’t fix the format of it, but proud of my work just the same.

March 2014


Honestly, just thinking about March of this year sends butterflies into my stomach. I can’t believe we drove across country to New York. We drove. California to New York. There and back.

I had to quit my job at the coffee shop. It was terrifying. But so worth it.

I’ll create a new drop down menu under “Life” if you ever want to read about my 32-day adventure. Teaser: there were cops (a few times), flying metal objects, and cute chubby creatures involved.

It is also what I believed spiked my blog out of no man’s land and into the hands of real readers for the first time. I turned 19 years old on the 19th.

April 2014


April was rather bleak. It was Back To Life’s Troubles, trying to see if I could get my job back at the shop. And then one of my friends passed away. I wrote an angry, confused, and hurting post called, Suicide; Stop. Don’t Say Goodbye and had trouble writing anything after that.

I didn’t want to write anything more that would push the post I wanted everyone to read deeper into the blog archives. Seriously though, if you’re having thoughts about suicide, you need to talk to someone. No questions asked.

After a while, though, I knew I had to start writing again.

And so you know, I did, by God’s grace, end up getting my job back.

May 2014


In May, I wrote some posts to give you an idea of who I am and what I do and have done. I wrote I was a U.S. Naval Sea Cadet, I’m a Kindergarten Teacher, and since I was homeschooled, we went to CHEA Convention, hosted at the Disney Land Resort this year, where I made a big decision to use a quarter of my savings and buy a Medical Transcription curriculum.

It wasn’t horrible, but I’m me and I hate school and let’s just say I’m taking a very expensive break from the program to focus on my writing more.

June 2014


June birthed my new-found love for online shopping, specifically online consignment stores like ThredUp. I started with a free $10 credit that got me a Banana Republic Cardigan for only $4.05 and was hooked. From there I bought Nine West pumps for $3.50 and a few other items I won’t list in fear of looking like a shopaholic. (Teehee.)

Be sure to check it out, though! The credits are absolutely free, you don’t have to first buy $40 worth of clothes or anything. It’s a great deal. Remember this is coming from a girl who wore a $3 dress to a military ball.

July 2014


I was less of a hermit in July. I went camping with my family, slept over at Amy’s, and picked out the perfect Bath And Body Works scent with Chris.

And they say Homeschoolers aren’t social.

August 2014


In August, I pierced my ears for the second time. I also reached 100 Followers on WordPress and made my first YouTube video to celebrate the accomplishment! Maybe when I reach 200 I’ll do another! Or I won’t. Depending on which one makes you want to celebrate the most. (Lol.)

September 2014


In September, Chris left to bible college, leaving me to return to my hermit-dom. I was happy for him, but not until after I wrote a good couple posts feeling sorry for my lonely self: College Goers and College Stayers and Gonna Miss My Best Friend, the latter has a silly YouTube video attached. The kind that may mean nothing to you, but makes me laugh every time.

October 2014


In October, I did my first fashion lookbook, which I think you guys liked, so I should probably do another. There was also a lot of general contemplating of life since I wrote those thought-provoking posts, “Glass Houses” and “Life’s [Boxes].” Didn’t realize I wrote them in the same month. I obviously had a lot of staring-at-the-wall-thinking-deep-thoughts time to myself.

November 2014


Actually I started in October (oops), but I was contacted for an internship at the site Omghow.com. It’s a girl’s how-to site, and I’ve been having the best experience working with them. The fact that they contacted me and have been so supporting and willing to help me any way they can really means so much.

Give the site a look! You can also check out my two favorite articles so far, “How (Not) To Diet [Christmas Edition]” and “How (Not) To Clean Your Room.”

December 2014


I DID BLOGMAS! December has really been the most exciting month for me. Blogmas was exhausting but so much fun. In December, I networked the most and have met some awesome fellow bloggers who I’m now obsessed with. Chris returned. We have now become an item. And I’m honestly excited to find out what the future year will bring!

If you’d like, comment below. What were your 2014 highlights?

Thanks for reading!

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