The Military Ball 2014, Part #1 — Get Ready With Me


Some of you may remember the Military Ball from last year. If you do, you’re my favorite.

In case you aren’t filled in, every year there is a Military Ball. My older brother is a merchant marine. Thus, he is invited to these military balls, providing us with the opportunity to spend a lot of money and join him. So we do.

Last year, it was just my brother and I. This year, we both had dates.

Ah yes, moving up in the world.

DSC01668 a

You all know Chris, the internet sensation. He lives just a few streets down from me, so we picked him up on the way there.


After relaxing in the hotel a little while, he got dressed and my mom promptly kicked him out of the room so I could change and have the full experience of having my date come and pick me up at the door.

So it was off to the bathroom for me to begin the beautification process, starting with sustenance.



If you’ve never had a Flake, it’s a New Zealand chocolate candy I got from my Aunt’s house. It lives up to it’s name, so I ate it over the sink as I took my “before” picture.


Every girl gets zits on the day she wants to look perfect. I don’t know where Mr. Frank and Charlie on my forehead came from, but it was typical.


I love makeup for this reason. I used to really stress about breakouts before makeup was an option. I know they’re not invisible, but it’s a big difference.


For eyes, I did a shimmery bronze all over my lid. My eyes are brown, so I feel like this accentuates them, and since my dress was burgundy, I thought I’d mix it up by using a dark purple to add definition along the crease.

Finished with winged liquid eyeliner that I’m rather proud of. Girls know: a good wing day is a good day.


I got into my dress to curl my hair. I don’t know if any other girls do this, but I’m paranoid of messing up my hair-progress when it comes time to put the outfit on.

Hair is not my thing, so I take no chances.


2014-12-26 10.00.45

Real quick. Can we talk about how gorgeous this dress is? Jake bought it for me when I forced him thrifting. It was three dollars.

Dollar sign. Three. Point. Zero. Zero. (Well technically $2.99, but whatever.)


I curled my hair and pinned my bangs, then hair sprayed the heck out of it.


For jewelry, I wore white and pearl dangle earrings, a $1 pearl necklace I bought at a mall kiosk, and the new Mockingjay Pin I got for Christmas that is freaking awesome.

I nerd out. I love it.


It was awkward hotel room photos, and then off to the races for us! Or rather, to pick up my brother’s girlfriend from her room.

Stay tuned for why, and to see what the ball was like in Military Ball Part #2!

10 thoughts on “The Military Ball 2014, Part #1 — Get Ready With Me

  1. Wow I can’t believe that dress was $3! You look great what a bargain! We have flakes in Australia too. They are good stuff, ily Cadbury.


  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after
    browsing throlugh some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back


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