BLOGMAS Day #19 — He’s HERE!

Woke up early today, which is a sign that today was a big day. (Or else, believe me, I would not be up at seven otherwise.)

Blogmas 19 026

Jake picked me up, and we started the day off with breakfast.

Blogmas 19 046

Blogmas 19 048

Blogmas 19 051

Then it was off to the airport! We grew more and more excited the closer we became.

Blogmas 19 022

Airports are confusing. We found that out the hard way.

Miraculously, however, we found the terminal. . .

And waited.

There was a cute little girl to watch.

Blogmas 19 061

Even when she ran into this guy. .

Blogmas 19 062

We watched person after person come down the stairs, except the one we were waiting for. .

Blogmas 19 075

Jake practiced taking pictures with my new camera.

Blogmas 19 065

I found out what I look like to a tall person (which is everyone).

Blogmas 19 056

Quick OOTD: A Christmas inspired outfit of black tights, red shoes, green cardigan, and gray skirt.

Finally, we saw a familiar face.

Blogmas 19 085

Blogmas 19 099


It took us a second to find the car after picking him up (tip: being in the right parking lot helps).

Blogmas 19 107 But once we did, it was donuts on the go and hanging out the rest of the day.

Blogmas 19 162

Blogmas 19 167

I finally had someone to drink with out of my matching Christmas mugs!

Today was a good day.

Happy Blogmas.

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