Men’s Watch Lookbook For The Military Ball

PicMonkey Collage numbered watchesPicMonkey Collage 2 numbered correctly

Last year, I went to a military ball the day after Christmas. Well I’m pleased to announce that I’m going again this year!

I have put together a little collage of what I strive for my outfit to be. This little lookbook can also apply for a nice Christmas party, especially with the red coat, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration.

#1. I happen to be obsessed with watches and clocks. I wear my grandpa’s watch, and I think that if any girl can find a watch that doesn’t look like it’s weighing down her arm to the point that she’s lopsided, any girl can wear a men’s watch.

The first watch featured here is a Eberhard Vintage Chronograph watch. I don’t know what any of it means, but I do love the vintage look.

#2. Because I couldn’t pick just one, this second watch is called a Maurice Lacriox Star Side full calendar. “Maurice” reminds me of Beauty And The Beast. This one is also encrusted with jewels. Oooh, ahhh.

You can find both of these watches at Invaluable is the world’s largest online auction marketplace. I had fun browsing the antiques! (If I had a million dollars..)

Let me know in the comments which watch you would pick, #1 or #2.

#3. For $12, I think I’m going to buy this Little Black Dress for myself. I fell in love once I saw the black lace design down the back.

The reviews say this runs small, so buy a size larger than normal. A girl in the comments said she was 5’1, 95lbs and that a small fit her perfect. This can give you a better understanding of size.

#4. For shoes, these Anne Michelle stilettos, being nude, will give the appearance of a longer leg which I personally need. They’re around $30 depending on your size, and considering the dress was twelve dollars, $42 in all isn’t that bad.

#5. Finally, because every girl needs a red coat (and shoes, and scarf) on Christmas, I had to include this awesome red wool winter jacket.

I didn’t include jewelry because the dress has a higher neckline and I want it to be all about the watch. (When you pay good money for a designer watch, it should be all about the watch.)

Did I also mention that they’re preettyy?

The watches are pretty.

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