BLOGMAS Day #14 — Broken Forks & Candlelight

One week and four days until Christmas!! DSC00453

But who’s counting. .

This morning, I had Sunday School, choir, and church service. Then we hurried home to another crock pot lunch. (You would think Crock Pot was sponsoring me.)

We had grilled chicken breast and mashed potatoes and corn. Not typically hard food items, but somehow my little brother managed to break his fork in half.


I don’t even know.

This just seemed like something amazing enough to report, so here I am, reporting it.

We had a dress rehearsal for our candlelight service that’s next Sunday night. The entire church will be lit solely by real candle flame. It’s so pretty. I absolutely love it.

A lot of preparation goes into it, though. My personal job is to make sure everyone has the right music.




I don’t sing any solo’s for the program, but I am in a special mixed ensemble of about ten people. My dad actually has the opening solo to our song which is pretty cool.

We practiced from three to about five. By then my voice was tired. I’m a second soprano, in case any of you were wondering, but I switch to first whenever their strongest first soprano can’t sing. Before this church, I was an alto.

So you can say I’m basically everything.

DSC00470Glamorous bathroom selfie!


Pastor’s preaching was very good, starting with “when you say ‘I do,’ you’re done.” Talking about the family life and what it should be, how husbands should be their wife’s superman (respected), and wives should be listened to and cared for (loved), and children need to have boundaries and obey.

After a little more rehearsing for our mixed ensemble, I got lucky because my parents took us to 31 Flavors/Baskin Robbin’s! (Does anyone call it 31 Flavors anymore?)

I got a sundae with chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. The guy made it beautiful for me, but I devoured it before I remembered to take a picture.


It was good.

That was my busy Sunday. I can’t wait for Friday, though. But that’s a surprise.

Happy Blogmas!

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