BLOGMAS Day #13 — I Play The Keys & Have A Nice Chat

Today was everything Christmas. A true Blogmas post!

Oh yes. I pat myself on the back.

2014-12-13 15.28.04

By the way, we almost got yelled at for trying on these hats at Walmart. I was in the middle of a “The picture is forever, people staring is but a moment” speech, when an employee came by to tell us something. My mom quickly piped up, saying that we couldn’t find any hats in size large and could he help us?

She’s very smooth.

However, that’s not how we started our day. This morning, we got up around eight, I turned this. .


Into this. .


I’m very new to wearing lipstick in general. Today was my first time wearing a bright red.

Then, we packed the van with three guitars and my keyboard and equipment and hit the road.

My church’s college and career class visited a convalescent home today.




We sang and played a series of Christmas carols for the residents then passed out little buckets of candy and party toys we had put together.


I spent the time speaking with a woman named Margret.

It was sad at first. We started by talking about how she likes “to keep things happy” around Christmas time. She had lost her daughter in a car accident four days before her twelfth birthday, around Christmas time, as well as her husband a few years later.

She said there’s no point in being sad all the time or putting a cloud on people’s day by sharing her woes, so she hardly talks about it and doesn’t like to dwell on it either, but I told her it was encouraging to see a woman who had gone through so much be so strong.

I could tell it pleased her that I said so, and that look made the entire day worth it.

Afterwards, we all went to my family’s favorite pizza place (where they know our order by heart) for lunch.



We talked about our experiences and if we’d ever done it before. I had, but a lot of them hadn’t, so in retrospect they did a great job.

My favorite recollection was from a girl who received relationship advice from the lady she was speaking to.

“I can’t count how many times she asked me if I was married,” she laughed.

She got advice like, “don’t marry a drunk, they’re so lazy,” my personal favorite: “be good to your husband and he’ll be good to you,” and the whopping “be sure to save your money, but you don’t have to tell your husband. He doesn’t need to know,” which I responded with the respective “OHHHH snap!”

It was a lot of fun.

There was also a ladies trio harmonizing in the entrance of Target today. I thought that was pretty stinkin’ cool!

2014-12-13 16.38.08 I finished this day by watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” and drinking a hot peppermint mocha.

Happy Blogmas!

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