BLOGMAS Day #12 — A Huge Reveal About My TV Life

Hello, Friends!

So today was a day off from work day, which is always pleasant as days off go. I hadn’t planned on doing much of anything except blog and internet work. (I have such the pressing social life.)

However, yesterday I got my paycheck. So this morning I was practically forced into actual clothes by my mother in order that I’d go out to the bank and deposit it.

Since I got somewhat dressed anyways, I decided to give you an OOTD (outfit of the day).


I never said I got out of bed to take the picture. .

I wore my new black running shoes (not shown), jeans, my camouflage sweater, and my awesome Spirited Away t-shirt that I bought at the thrift store for 99c.

This is something I’ve never mentioned on my blog, which is amazing to me. But I’m an anime fan. Specifically, Studio Ghibli. I have almost all their movies, and I can (and have) watched them over and over.

Shoutout to Kiki’s Delivery Service (grew up on that), Nausicaa with the song that gets in everyone’s head, the beautiful Howl’s Moving Castle, and the movie that is basically my current life on film, Whisper of The Heart.

Love, love, love. They are the only thing/brand I will gladly advertise on my person. I’m so surprised I’ve never shared this nerdy fandom side about me until now.

I mostly played with my new camera the rest of the day.


DSC00073We had smores for dessert after lunch.


My mom found her old tripod for me to have. Early Christmas present! Now I will be able to show you our Christmas decorations in the low lighting.



Every year, we set up our little village on top of the piano, and every year it grows. One and all are welcome. You can see the back of Han Solo’s head in this picture and a fuzzy shadow of Darth Vader farther out. They are in constant frozen battle.



Doesn’t this little guy have an interesting look on his face? It seems as though he has paused in his wood chopping to rest, but he’s also deep in thought. It’s as if he’s stopped to take a breather and truly examine his life, and from the look on his face, he is not happy with where he is at the moment. He wants more for himself. He had bigger dreams for himself.

That’s what I see. Do you see anything?

Oh and his name is Jim. He looks like a Jim.

I finished up the day by painting my nails festively, and watching Sleepless In Seattle with my mom. It’s kind of a Christmas movie.


Tomorrow will definitely be a more festive and Christmassy day. Stay tuned! I’ll be sure to have my camera with me for every second of it.

DSC00088Kiki and Kobe say, “happy Blogmas!”

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