BLOGMAS Day #11 — Most Excited Customer Ever

Today was a big day.

It was a lost day because I got an email that sent my morning plans for a loop, but I got the email, friends.

The email that my camera was in.

*insert overly excited, open mouthed, wide eyed, crazy look here*

New camera 017

It was about eleven fifteen, and my phone vibrated with a text. A text and an email was the sign I was awaiting, but this time, it was merely a text. I thought it was one of my friends.

One of my best friends – or frienemy, you can say – it was BEST BUY! My order was in.

New camera 018

Washed my face, put my hair in a bun, sprayed some perfume, and shoved my feet in my tom knock-offs, and I was good to go! My camera didn’t care that I wasn’t wearing makeup, and that I literally jumped out of bed a few minutes before.

I sped walked into Best Buy and almost passed the “Order Pick-Up” center. However I didn’t, which I exclaimed to the store victoriously with an “ah-ha!”, as I pointed and quickly backtracked and bee lined my way through the ribbon marked off line.

New camera 006

An employee saw my dramatic entrance, turned around, and smiled at me. I grinned, hurried forward, and hauled my purse onto the counter, “looks like you’re waiting for me!”

It occurs to me now that he never offered to help me. I simply chose him for the job. Eye contact is a powerful thing.

I had my order number ready on my phone, my ID, and my credit card. I was ready to do this thing. To be honest, besides that and the fact that I was practically vibrating with smiles, I don’t know why he said his next sentence.

He laughed, “you’re the most excited customer I have ever had.”

My first reaction was to laugh, but then I felt bad for him. I asked if people have been angry, and he lowered his tone and cursed a little saying, “you have no idea.”

Poor Zach from Best Buy.

New camera 002

However, he was My Hero, Zach from Best Buy, because he gave me my beautiful camera and the memory card and sent me on my way in no time at all.

Then I went to Ulta and bought two red lipsticks because I had a coupon which I didn’t even use in the end. Instead, I used a different coupon, and as I’m sitting here, I noticed that that was even the wrong one because I could’ve gotten five dollars off instead of three fifty. Yet, somehow, there was perfect logic to it all.

Don’t ask me to explain myself. I’m a girl.

New camera 005

You’ll be seeing a lot more pictures from now on. I’m extremely pleased with the camera. The pictures are all clear as day, even though my house is so dark.

Bring on life! I’m ready to capture it.

New camera 015

Hopefully these random tester pics didn’t throw you off. They’re just so amazing because you have no idea how dark my room actually is!

Currently obsessed.

Happy Blogmas!

7 thoughts on “BLOGMAS Day #11 — Most Excited Customer Ever

    1. They are! I would always forget to take a picture of my outfit once I was ready (because I was already running late, if I’m being honest), and then there’d be no light when I came back home.

      I don’t have to worry about that anymore!


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