BLOGMAS Day #10 — Camera Threats & Kindergartners

No camera yet.

This has been the thought engulfing my mind today.

No camera, no camera, no camera. Maybe I can show up accidentally at Best Buy and ask them if they could just check to see if it came in?

I can see the box with my name on it. “Sony a5000,” written beautifully at the top. This gorgeous, glowing gold with an angel chorus singing behind it, box is being passed by zombified blue shirted employee after another. Do they not see? Do they not hear?

I wish there was a way I could mentally nag them to stinkin’ scan the box already.

My mom heard me complaining and asked how long the website said it’d take for the box to arrive. I told her about a week.

She asked how long it had been.

I gave her a goofy smile, “about a week.”

It’s a week tomorrow.

I BETTER GET MY CAMERA IN TOMORROW… Or… ELSE! *scary face, but instead looks like she needs to sneeze*

So I watched The Breakfast Club today. Wednesdays seem to be my movie days, otherwise I never see anything all the way through.

I. Was. Hooked.

It’s reasonably rated R for a reason, I don’t think my little brother should see it for example. But I love the individual stories of it, even if it did get a little too weepy for me at one part.

I already want to see it again.

Ha, I don’t know how it counts as a Christmas movie, but I obviously made it work.

This evening I warned the Kindergarten class of the woes of jealousy in regards to Joseph and The Coat of Many Colors. They all agreed that Joseph’s jealous brothers were not happy. They were mean and angry, and jealousy is not a good thing. They listened well. Good job, kids.

Here’s a random selfie I took before church in my red, teacher’s polo.

2014-12-11 01.57.45

And that was my day!

Happy Blogmas!

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