BLOGMAS #4 — I Did Something Festive!!

Congratulate me.

Today, on blogmas #4, I went to a Christmas party.

*sparse applause, but she still smiles and bows with decorum* Thank you, thank you.

2014-12-05 02.16.10

2014-12-05 02.33.27

I may have worn a hat because I was late and didn’t have time to dry all my hair. (Shout-out to girls who have been there before.) But I also think hats are cool, even if I only own two.

But before I dive into the party, I have a special announcement.



I decided on the beautiful Sony a5000 in white. I took the picture above off of a blog that had a great review on the camera. I liked all the sample pics. You can click on the picture to be sent there if you like.

I’m veery excited.

On to the Christmas party.

It was Christmas caroling, mini performances, and everyone-bring-dessert, and it was lovely.

2014-12-04 18.51.12The elementary choir sang a little song for us, and there were piano duets, and singing duets, and a little skit, and even a violin and piano duet of Silent Night. I think a violin playing with a piano sounds really nice.

2014-12-04 18.54.48

After the musical performance, we were all dismissed for dessert, and honestly my stomach was growling, very lady-like (sarcasm), through the whole program. So, even in heels, I was the first clomping out the door, dessert senses on high.

2014-12-04 19.36.57

My phone camera seemed to know I was cheating on it, because none of the pictures came out well.

I got pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin bread (later I realized this was a mistake and there is a limit to how much pumpkin one can consume), Christmas cookies, a mini lemon cake, and fudge, because I’m obsessed with fudge and there’s always room for fudge.

And coffee.

2014-12-04 19.44.50

Some of you may recognize these coffee tea bags from my Instagram. The story is that the last women’s fellowship was serving these, and my mom and I were so amused that we went straight to Walmart afterwards and bought ourselves a box of them so that our lives may be empty no more.

Tonight, we had left our purses and things in the previous room. As we were collecting them, I noticed the fake set of the skit and rushed my mom over to take a Christmas selfie with me.

2014-12-04 20.13.41

This is us laughing because the red flowers above my head suddenly appeared as we took the picture. There was a woman behind us straightening up and humming to herself and obviously oblivious to our conceited ways.

2014-12-04 20.13.42

For those of you craving an outfit post, here’s a picture of the dress I wore tonight. All free and secondhand, for more posts you can follow my fashion blog.

2014-12-04 20.55.23

Happy blogmas day #4!

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