Review: October/November Ipsy Bag

Reviewing my October Glam Bag somehow flew from my mind at shocking speeds. So you will get the best of the October Glam Bag along with my November Glam Bag review. Whoo-hoo!

Christmas came early this year for you.

Starting with October, there were two products I fell in love with. 

I received a purple, mineralized baked eye shadow by Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. I’m not really a purple fan, however I was told purple brings out brown eyes, so I tried it. It’s shimmery and light, but pigmented.

They sell for $3.99 online and come in different colors like gold, brown, green, and blue. I may or may not want them all.

I have been searching and searching for a nude lip color. I want the Revlon Color Burst lip crayon in Complex, but every time I find one, it’s one that someone’s smudged across their hand and put back. I find that rude.

I’d be lying if I said this lipstick was moisturizing. It has a thick cakey texture to it. However, it is quite long lasting. I love it just the same. It definitely is the perfect nude.

Now on to the November bag.

We’ll start off with this bad boy. The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer.

I do have some darkness under my eyes. Sorry about the creepy photo. The lighting is good too, so you can barely notice the circles.

However, my biggest concerns and reasons for wearing makeup were always to brighten up my eyes.

I really like this concealer. I got the shade neutral medium, which matches my foundation-covered skin perfectly. I apply it first, then go over it again with a lighter concealer/highlighter to brighten my under eye and upper cheek bones even more. For this reason, I’m wondering if I should get a lighter shade.

I’ve also used this to cover pimples, which has been heavenly. I struggle to find a good pimple concealer.

The size I received is 0.11 fl.oz. On the IT Cosmetics site, 0.28 fl. oz is $24, but I don’t think that is right.

My second favorite is J.cats Wonder Lip Paint. But caution: apply with mirror. I didn’t and looked like a clown, and I had some in my teeth. 
A little goes a long way.
Practice your dotting skills and rub.
It’s so pigmented. On my hand, after rubbing it out with my finger, I wiped off the access on the empty space. I would say that the faded part is what your lips would look like after three hours of talking and then lunch. It’s very long lasting, but easily smudgeable, so don’t touch your mouth – or sneeze.
The exact size I got retails for $4.99 on J.cats site.
The next item was this SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion. The only word I recognized was “lotion.” 
There’s nothing special about this, except it smells exactly like oranges. It also is silky smooth on the skin, but I tiny voice inside me says “do not use it on your face.” 
Then I saw the back.
All that teeny writing is a WARNING.
Keep away from children. External use only. Avoid eyes. Rinse thoroughly if you’re dumb and still get it in your eyes even though we put a warning there. Not for children under 18. Store in controlled temperature. Not for pregnant or nursing women!!
I’m. Scared.
A 4 fl. oz sells for $32 on the SeaRx site, and the little sample I got was so busy warning be about it’s horrors that it doesn’t say it’s size.
Second to last is this olive/gold eyeliner pencil from Starlooks.
I’m really excited about this. I love golds and coppers and earth colors. Starlooks also has pencils in purple and powder blue, so I’m really happy this is the color I ended up getting. 
I’m definitely more pro-shimmer during the Christmas season, otherwise I let the other girls sparkle. 
This costs $17 on the website, which I think is crazy.
Lastly, I got a mini Marc Anthony hair spray! It’s perfect because I’ve been wanting one for my purse. It also smells amazing, which I’ve recently found out (the hard way) that hairsprays that smell good are important.
I bought a cheap but huge “unscented” hairspray that will, of course, last me forever, and now I understand why hairsprays are scented in the first place. 
This one is 1.5 oz. You can buy a 9 oz. for $8.29 at Walgreens. 
So besides the pink tube of moisturizing DEATH, I’m very pleased with my November Glam Bag. Thanks Ipsy!
What’s your favorite product?
What’s Ipsy? Ipsy sends you a makeup bag with four or five products a month. You can either pay $10/month or $110 a year. You can click here* to be sent to Ipsy’s web site for more information or to sign up.
* Using this link earns me something called Ipsy Points, if you use it, please let me know if you receive a reward as well.

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