BLOGMAS Day #2 — Camera Obsession & Poisonous Beauty Products

Happy Blogmas day two!

. . .

This is the part where I stare at the blank screen and realize I did nothing festive today.

Or nothing at all.

I did my devotional this morning in an agonizing frustration of distraction. The problem was I went to Best Buy yesterday, and I wanted everything.

I want a convertible laptop. One of those that’s a tablet, but you can click it into a keyboard and it’s a laptop too.

But mostly, I’ve been obsessing over cameras.

If you’re a camera junkie, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Sony a5000 or the Canon Powershot s110. I want one in white, but I’ve been told it’s impractical. Thoughts?

Currently, I’m using a Canon PowerShot S3 15. (Who comes up with these model names?)


It’s a hefty baby, and I take pictures like these by placing it on top of a CD stand (does anyone my age remember CDs?), setting the ten second timer, backing away, squinting at the little screen to make sure I’m centered, and holding a pose as I wait the last five seconds for the picture to take.

I’m not ungrateful for the camera or the laptop that I have. They do the job. And they do it very well, I’m proud of my work.

I’m just wondering if there’s a less painful way of doing things.

Enough about cameras now. (However, if you do have advice on the topic it would be greatly appreciated.)

When I wasn’t obsessing over cameras, I wrote a review on my October and November Ipsy makeup bags in my fashion blog, which I may have gotten a little too dramatic and slightly morbid in.

Oh, we’re now serving peppermint mocha’s at work! That’s festive!

Friday, I’ll be leading a Bible study for young girls and I’m trying to think of a good topic, maybe related to Christmas, along with Bible doctrine to teach. I’m wondering if anyone out there has learned a specific life lesson they’d like to share to hopefully get my juices flowing, or a topic they’d like to suggest.

And that about wraps up my Tuesday.

Update on the Christmas tree: it’s still outside, however it does have water.


Happy Blogmas!

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