LE TOTE Unboxing #3 and Special Black Friday Offer

Hello, hello, ladies.

I realize I never begin my posts as if I’m writing a letter. So today is a new day!

I thought today would be my last LE TOTE ever, until a special Black Friday Offer presented itself. But I’m going to be annoying and leave you hanging for a bit (or you could click on “Black Friday Offer”).

However, I want to show you what I got. One of the pieces, I have to admit, was hard to part ways with.

I got another black, sleeveless top. I happen to love black sleeveless tops, so I was quite happy. Unlike the first one, this one didn’t sag in the armpits (apologies, wish there was a classier way to say that), but fit me spot on.

It also had hidden buttons and a raised collar that made it unique.

The first accessory (and first earrings) I received, were these silver drop dangles with an archaic black cracking design.

My mother scrunched her nose at them and asked if they’re cleaned before being sent to the next person. I looked it up, and, don’t worry, America, you can breathe a sigh of relief. All the jewelry is disinfected before it’s sent out, so I did not put contaminated earrings in my ears.

For church, I paired this top with a $1.95 black and white vintage skirt, my grandmother’s red belt, and some black heels. I also threw on a sheer, quarter sleeved, black cardigan to cover my shoulders for choir.

The classic, black, white, and red look won me a lot of compliments.

To dress it down, I recently bought these high waisted jeggings from the Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostal. They were on sale for $7.99.

Who read my Fall Bucket List? See the boots?

Sea Cadets has paid off to make a fashion statement. I added my military issued combat boots to the outfit, and I really love the look.

I accessorized with a black and white scarf to keep the theme going, as well as the second accessory that came in the box, a long, large charm, silver statement necklace.

This is the outfit I was wearing when I bought the pants from Aero. I feel like me and this top bounded on a deep level. It just wasn’t a $44 I-want-to-buy-you level.

This top is lose and comfy and fashionable, though, and I love it.

Dressing it up wasn’t hard at all. I happened to have a skirt that was almost the exact same material as the bottom half of the blouse. You can barely tell the difference.

Lastly, the skirt I was heartbroken to part ways with.

I’m usually not a fan of these skirts. I find the length awkward. It can’t decide to be floor length or to the knee. But this skirt was so thick and fluffy! It had this material on the inside that ensured it kept it’s bell shape.

In some weird way, it reminded me of Cinderella, and for any girl, to channel your inner Cinderella is a wish upon a dream.

I didn’t want to let you go, you beautiful thing.

Now, for the exciting news.

LE TOTE is doing ANOTHER “First Month Free” promotion! (Haha, that worked out for me because my First Month Free was expired after this third tote.) Use the link below.

Get Your First Month of LE TOTE FREE no code necessary! Valid 11/28 – 11/30

Like it says, no code necessary and it’s going until the thirtieth, but I would sign up now so you can get your tote on it’s way and to your door quicker.

It’s also the Christmas season, so of course LE TOTE offers Gift Cards. I’m constantly being stopped in stores and asked my opinion on gifts for nieces, granddaughters, etc.

If you asked my opinion about getting LE TOTE for your loved one, my only question would be to confirm that the girl you’re buying for is interested in clothes and fashion. If she is, at first she would be confused at the clothes-rental part of LE TOTE. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a lot of fun.

They carry pieces from House of Harlow, French Connection, BCBG, Sanctuary, BB Dakota, Kensie, Karen Zambos, Splendid, and so many more.

She gets to pick out the clothes she likes on the site. It will ask for her measurements and preferences. Shipping is free both ways, and dry cleaning is taken care of. 

So I would suggest you look into it! Or better yet, try it for yourself for free.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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