What You Have

What you have. Rebekah Koontz. Thanksgiving

Someone I know lost her mother yesterday. She was in the ICU and declining, and yesterday they got the call.

A week before Thanksgiving.

I know there’s no dad in the picture. That was a tragic story as well.

I shouldn’t know these things about her life. I’m not close to her even to be called a friend. I’ve just been there.

There, in the room, when things have happened. When news was relayed to someone else with me standing by.

I feel like God wanted me to know these things, though I have no right. I’ve no business knowing. I don’t mean to know. It’s just too much of a coincidence that I’ve been there every single time something has happened.

I feel like I blundered into something private. I should only know these things if she wanted to tell me, if she was ready to share.

But I know.

Glass houses.

Lives are being shattered. All around us. Briefly, are we granted glances into the private lives of others, and sometimes those short peeksĀ can break your heart.

A week before Thanksgiving.

Does she have anything to be thankful for? There’s always something.

God has a plan, and this, yes, along with the heartache, pain, and confusion, is part of it. It’s just a reminder that we’re not in control.

And thank God we aren’t in control, because think of the mess we would create. .

A week before Thanksgiving.

It’s a sobering thought.

Think about what you have. How others have so much less. And this Thanksgiving, be truly – thankful.

2 thoughts on “What You Have

  1. That was very heartfelt. I can totally relate to whomever this young lady is. I loss my mother 2 days after Christmas last year. It’s a very heartbreaking situation and something that will live with you for a long time. Unfortunately, we have to learn to live without them even though on the inside we are screaming for them to come back. Such a sad situation. So sorry!

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    1. I’m sorry for you, too… Thank you for your comment. It really puts things into perspective for me, personally. I may write about it, but I can never understand.
      If you ever need a stranger to talk to, please don’t hesitate to email me.


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