Life’s [Boxes]

I wonder what comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “boxes.” Take out box? Moving box? Jack in the box? A refrigerator?

A lot of different things come to my mind, but there’s one in particular that’s been bugging me lately.

It doesn’t really have a name. I suppose we should give it one (although it’s such an annoying box, I want to be mean and not name it).

It’s the box of [Hey Little Kid What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?] and [What’s Your Favorite Subject In School Because That Will Determine Your Future].

The box of [Expectations]? Let’s call it the box of [Future].

Society tries to put you in a box. They tell you to fold your hands. Which thumb is dominant? Are you artistic and visual or logical and language based.

If you’re sporty, there’s no way you can draw.

If you’re musical, you’re not supposed to understand chemistry.

If you paint your nails, you’ve never touched a gun.

I’ve always struggled with things like this, and I probably will always struggle with it.

Society judges you by what you do in school. They see straight A’s in English, participation on the year book, winner of the 2013 short story contest, and bam. You, my friend, are destined to be a journalist.

There’s nothing truly wrong with the system. It’s a good system, until you’re a girl like me.

Participated in the US Naval Sea Cadets for four years – this girl is joining the military.

Been a teachers aid since she was twelve – oh she’s going to be a teacher.

Has kept a blog since the seventh grade – journalist? Novelist?

Let’s not forget she’s always been baking. Pastry chef? Baker? Tck-tck-tck. SYSTEM FAILURE.

The box of [Future] is annoying. It’s meant to help you figure out your life, but it’s my belief that it confuses people more than anything.

It’s High School Musical over and over again. The Jock can dance. The Nerd can sing. Why do things like this rock our world?

These boxes trap people into thinking they can only be one person, which is wrong. It’s a lot of pressure on people like me, who have multiple interests and hobbies, to choose one box – or go crazy trying to find a way to string all the random hobbies together into a career.

Then, I’m terrified for those people who do fit into the boxes.

Sure, I feel like a big fat mess because I don’t fit onto the cookie sheet, let alone in a cookie cutter. But what about those people who fit?

You shouldn’t fit.

There should be messes in our lives. People should have quirks. People should be bad at stuff.

Everything in moderation. People like me shouldn’t cry in corners because they can’t get It figured out, and they don’t even know what It is.

And people who’ve got their lives together and picked a major and are doing great in school shouldn’t only participate in activities that happen on the field or in cleats or with a bottle of Gatorade in hand.

Don’t keep yourself in [a box] and don’t try to.

Be Y[o]u. Little in the box. Little out of the box. All around unique. This is my post for today.

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