Unboxing LE TOTE #2

LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

After my first unboxing, I was quite excited to send the box back for a sequel. It felt like it took a while to return to me, if I’m being honest.

Though sure enough, after a few days I was greeted with a new black box. This time, with a fancy styled for you sticker to greet me.

The box gave me my usual set of compliments.
And I jumped right in.

 The first top I tried on was a loose blue tank top with three buttons down the front and pockets on either side.
It obviously got wrinkled in transit.
I really like tank tops like this. They’re the most comfortable in my opinion. This one fit me perfect when it came to no shirt-dipping armpits, which was my biggest problem with the last box.
To dress it up, I tucked it into a faux snake skin skirt and added heels though this poor tank top screams, “I’M SUPPOSED TO BE CASUAL, STOP IT!”
In all honesty, I’ll be wearing it with black yoga pants and flats, and it will be amazing.
The second top was a forest green, asymmetrical long sleeve that you can’t be in a hurry to throw on. The sleeves are so tight, which is fine, but they’re the kind that you have to swivel and realign the seams for, after you’ve tugged your arm through.
I’m also wearing the first accessory that came in the box, a black gemstone statement necklace.
I’m being facetious. I know it’s supposed to be slanted.
Although cute, I struggled a lot with this top. It’s very wide on the chest, and I’m a small person. It’s also rather thin.
And then I turned around.
There’s a black strip down the center of the back that is completely transparent.
I obviously missed this little detail when I added this top to my ‘closet’ on the LE TOTE site. I won’t be wearing this shirt to church any time soon.
The last article of clothing saved the entire box.
A cute red polka dot sleeveless dress that is the epitome of comfortable. It has little red polka dots on it that are actually textured into the fabric as opposed to a print, and it isn’t wispy thin but thick enough that you feel you are wearing clothes and not a butterfly net that is going to fly off you. That’s important.
The last accessory was this diamond encrusted gold bracelet that reminded me of Christmas.
I added my thick 59c belt to give my waist more definition.
And then I was inspired, like a little kid in her mother’s closet, to wear everything at once. So I did.
I have one friend in particular who I know would tell me I look like a Christmas elf.
But the truth of the matter is, I like it! Christmas is great. Elves are cool. Sign me up!
I was more than ready to go for a night on the town in this outfit. I even have my fancy LE TOTE bag in case a fellow elf stopped me on the street and asked where I got my outfit.
I realized I never showed you guys in my last post. It’s a pretty awesome bag.
All in all, lesson learned when it comes to choosing the right clothes for my LE TOTE “closet.” I’ll be going on the site after this to update my style and make sure I’m not asking for anything else inappropriate for my every day life.
But after I put together an awesome elf outfit from this box, we have to ask ourselves, were my clothing choices really a huge mistake? I think not.
Elf outfit = win-win in my book.
Full disclosure, I am paid by commission when you sign up using the link provided. Also, be sure to use the promo code REBEKAH15 for %15 off.
LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

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