My First LE TOTE Box

LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

I’m so excited to jump into my LE TOTE experience. (Click here to read more about LE TOTE and what it is!)

Sadly, the First Month Free trial is over. I hope those of you who wanted it were able to sign up. If you’re interested in signing up now, you can still use the promo code REBEKAH15 for %15 off.

Now, onto the box that came in the mail today!

Who’s excited? I’m excited.

There’s no denying you’ve got a tote when it arrives. The big LT on the box is a good hint.

Why hello. Thank you. Yes I do, Mr. Box.

The first thing my eyes fall on is this gold thing at the bottom of the box, but I stay self controlled. The rest of the contents are burritoed in tissue paper with a LE TOTE sticker holding it in place.
The last picture I took after my initial unboxing was of the chic LE TOTE guide. It basically tells you to go on their site and heart all the articles you would like them to send to you to create an online “closet.”
They also provided a tape measure, which would’ve been helpful when I was savaging the house for one the day I signed up for my tote. But I’m not complaining too much. It’s a really cool tape measure.
The first thing I got was this loose black sleeveless top with a zipper down the front. The zipper does work, but I like it all the way up.
On me, the top is too big and dips in the armpits. Easy fix with a black cami or tube top under. All in all, I really liked it.
I’ll be doing two looks for each article. The first will be an every day look, and the second would be a church/dressy look.

I would definitely wear this outfit on a date.

And love it.

The tote also comes with two accessories. I thought this gold belt bracelet was really cute, but it doesn’t clasp. You only put the gold nub in one of the holes. Me being me, I’ll put on one sweater and the bracelet will fall off and be gone forever.

The skirt I literally bought today for 99c at the thrift store. This top is $68, retail… do you think it’s offended?

The second article made me gasp and smile. A flowy sleeveless aztec dress. It doesn’t necessarily need a 56c belt, but I added it to define my waist.

I did have the same problem as with the first one with it dipping in the armpits. Small people problems.

Since it is fall, I thought I’d add a chunky sweater to it. I know all you in the cold states hate Californians.

This dress was the greatest challenge to make church appropriate, as it’s sleeveless and extremely short. I’m wearing a wispy black skirt under to lengthen it, and a knitted cardigan to cover my shoulders.
Since the cardigan and the under skirt are black, they compliment each other and look as if they belong.
The second accessory was this gold diamond statement necklace.
My final clothing article was a navy peasant top with green trim.
I struggled with liking this top. I think it’s just too big for me.
Wore the same black wispy skirt over this with both accessories and it looked decent.
Here’s an epic picture of the bracelet.
And there you have it! I definitely had a lot of fun getting these in the mail, and it’s fun not knowing what you’re gonna get next!
LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental

Full disclosure, I am rewarded when you use the link provided to sign up for LE TOTE. Also don’t forget to use the REBEKAH15 promo code for 15% off.

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