Notebook Insanity And Collection

Let’s talk about notebooks. I mentioned them in my You May Be A Writer If.. post under number three.

3. You own ten different notebooks and MUST have all ten on hand 24/7 because they each serve a different purpose and people don’t understand that.

‘Like’ this post if you agree.

I have a notebook for every possible outlet of my life, and then other notebooks for the sub-outlets to those outlets.

2014-10-06 13.15.45


Some people don’t get that. Some people go to the 99c store, buy one notebook for their purse and that’s it. That’s all they use. No organizing. No page numbering. No index or table of contents. They sloppily jot down their whatever and move on with life.

Do they even worry about wasting paper? Do they use one note for one page and leave the rest of the page… blank? What about bookmarks? Do they indent?

You already know from my similar post, Note-Taking And Dementia, that my notes have to be neat. I don’t like reading chicken scratch or seeing words that get bigger, then smaller, and fatter, and then begin sliding down the side of the page like a melted ice cream cone.

It is my belief that from my notebook OCD stems my hoard of specified notebooks.

I have a notebook specific for church notes.

2014-10-06 13.21.56

A notebook with notes I took while training for work.

2014-10-06 13.16.27

A notebook for my children’s bible lesson outlines.

2014-10-06 13.20.38

A notebook for my women’s bible study.

2014-10-06 13.23.35

A writing notebook in my purse that is so neat, I barely write in it.

2014-10-06 13.20.53


A notebook of character sketches for my novel.

2014-10-06 13.20.18


A notebook to prayer journal in.

2014-10-06 13.22.59

A notebook I write in every year on my birthday to summarize my life.

2014-10-06 13.18.16

A small black travel notebook I’ve been writing in since I was ten and went to church camp for the first time.

2014-10-06 13.17.23

And, of course, two notebooks I write blog posts and ideas in, as well as my phone, which has notes and lists and a collection of it’s own.

Some people collect Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards. I obviously collect notebooks, and notes.

I apologize to whoever ends up with them when I die.

But who cares? No big deal. I want mooooreee.

I know, though, that it is from my notebook obsession that I became a writer before I knew I wanted to be a writer. I’ve always loved writing things down, even when I was too small to know how to spell and wrote, “win eye grow up eye whant to be a watrice.”

Happy to report my goals shoot higher now than simply wanting to be a waitress.

Notebooks are awesome, and though I may own too many for my own good, you can still find me in Barnes and Nobel, staring up at the leather bound beauties, imagining what wonderful thoughts and quotes and recollections I could fill them with.

2014-10-06 13.25.08

I may have a little problem.


Comment below! I would love to know what you use your notebooks for, and I would love to know that I’m not crazy about my notebook love.

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