Fall Fashion Lookbook

As you now know, fall is my favorite. I love the colors and tastes and smells. I’m a wimp to the cold, but I try not to think of that because I can eat a pumpkin pie all on my own, just give me a spoon and a can of whipped cream.

My closet is generally filled with fall colors, and it being the beginning of October, it is time for me to do a fall lookbook for you guys.

My first outfit is a casual but edgy and cute look.

I’m wearing my vintage booties from Payless. They’re honestly the only booties I own. I will be on the hunt for some new, more casual ones this season. Though as far as owning one pair of booties go, I think I picked the perfect pair.

The gray jeans were from Goodwill for half off ($4). They are actually the first pair of skinny jeans I’ve owned, before I found out jeans could be even skinnier. I enjoyed the grunge zipper look contrasted with the sweet vintage style of the shoes.

Underneath my jacket is an all gray outfit. The top I bought at my favorite Christian thrift shop for 99c.

I adore leather jackets. I can never have enough, and they’re all usually brown. I tend to find that you’re either a brown or a black person (what kind are you?). The jacket I got for my nineteeth birthday while on our California to New York trip, and the scarf was a gift as well.

This is a very simple look to achieve. Booties, a plain top and jeans, a patterned scarf, and your favorite jacket.

I added orange drop earrings and a small necklace, and left my hair down like the lazy person I am.

Outfit #2 I’m most definitely wearing on Thanksgiving.

Two things every girl should have for fall: black tights and a chunky sweater to live in.

The tights I bought at Target on clearance. They were in a 2-pack with gray ones as well, and the sweater I thrifted for $1.59!

I did my hair in a crown braid for this look, and I added $1 vintage earrings from New York and a feather necklace my grandmother gave me.

Also my grandfather’s gold watch, so I don’t look too much like “it’s a hard knock life.”

The dress has been my most recent thrift store buy, for two dollars. Two pins in the back and it fits perfectly.

Outfit #3 I definitely didn’t want to take off today.

When I first bought this apple dress for four dollars, it was all over Instagram. I was in love. And I’m still the happiest girl in the world because I bought it.

It’s very “school teacher,” as my friend Jake would say. So I embraced the fact and did my hair in a low bun to stick with the theme. The dress did come with a waist sash, but lately I’ve been ditching the sashes and adding a different belt for contrast and to show off my waist more.

Again with the black tights. I’m telling you, they are life savers. They keep your legs warm (well, warm-er, let’s be honest) and no one has to know that you’re participating in No Shave OctNovDecember.

And if it gets cold you have your chunky sweater to save the day.

Kiki wanted to be in the post too.

Outfit #4 is my last outfit that I found a little different but let me know what you think.
It’s a simple black boots, black corduroy combo with a feather top (which I had confused for leaves this entire time), but instead of a basic brown or black jacket, I threw on this fitted light tan corduroy blazer.

I’m wearing blue feather earrings to match the blouse (feathers that I was thinking were leaves).

I kept my hair in a bun and accessorized with a vintage necklace and brown leather watch.
Besides my boots, this entire outfit is secondhand. Pants $4, blouse $3, and blazer 50c. I’m wondering if anyone is shocked that the majority of my lookbook is honestly thrifted? I was a little surprised. I’ve been busy shopping, obviously.
Let me know in the comments below. Do you have a favorite outfit? And be sure to tag me (@RebekahKoontz) in your own fall fashion outfits so I can see how you stay warm and classy this season!
Special thanks to Papi Koontz who became my official photographer even though I’m pretty sure he thought I only had one outfit to photograph today, not four.
Bloopers and Candids.


Me realizing I’m not a model and thus have no more cool poses left. I thought this one deserved a caption.

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