You May Be A Writer If. . .

There are a lot of wannabe writers out there. But how do you know when the wannabe ends, and the real writer emerges from within you?

I wrote you a simple list. You’re welcome.


So here you go, a list of ten. You may be a writer if. . .

1. You wear really big reading glasses, black framed.

2. A great majority of your clothing is stained with ink, especially your pajamas from falling asleep holding a pen.

3. You own ten different notebooks and MUST have all ten on hand 24/7 because they each serve a different purpose and people don’t understand that.

4. You have a favorite pen. And darned be the one who takes it away from you.

5. You don’t sleep much. You’re up writing, either early in the morning or late at night.

6. You don’t pay attention much. You’re thinking of what you’re going to write about next… or you’re sleeping with your eyes open.

7. You’re a terrible socializer because you’re constantly stopping all conversation to whip out a pencil, saying, “WAIT! Say that again? I’m going to use it in my story.”

8. Barnes and Nobel Inspires you.

9. You think old typewriters are cool. They go tap-tap-tap-tap ding!

10. You have what’s your chair/bedside/couch, on which you also have meticulously created an indent perfectly measured to fit your unique posterior and satisfy your comfort even more. If your family can’t find you in the kitchen or the bathroom, they know you’re on your chair/bed/couch. 

Now you tell me… Are you a writer??

Let me know if you have any to add. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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