My Love For Mail

Let’s talk about something.


I love mail. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a fake adult and the only closest form of payment I have to make comes verbally from my mother in way of, “Rebekah, your car insurance is due.”

So I love mail. Nothing bad comes in the mail, only good. Only good.



Recently, my good friend from Canada sent me two tea bags in the mail. We both happen to be baristas. So like baristas do, we talked about our jobs, which led to tea, which led to him sighing over this Licorice Spice Tea he really liked, and he was nice enough to send me two bags to try it out for myself!

The mail, man. It’s like daily Christmas.

And the mailman is like Santa.

The mailman is one of my favorite people. On several occasions I have been tempted to hug-tackle him in gratitude for bringing me my treasures. Even more so when he brings them in a timely manner.

I know we shouldn’t shoot the messenger, and the mailman has no control over the celerity of our mail. But let’s be honest. The messenger will get shot, because our anger and impatience has to go out on somebody. Poor guy.

Once a month, my Ipsy bag comes in the mail. Inside is a different makeup bag every month with four or five products inside. I wanted to be a part of Ipsy because I’m new to makeup and thought it easier to simply be given products monthly to try out, as opposed to standing in the Target shopping isle looking confused.

If you’re interested, it’s $10/month or $110/year. You can click on “Ipsy” to be sent to the web site. If you use my link, I get some sort of points, maybe you do too, though I don’t know what points do, to be perfectly honest.

I may write a whole separate post on Ipsy in the future. Comment below if you are interested.

Some of you may remember Thred Up, the online consignment store I’m obsessed with. I wrote a post about it on my fashion blog, you can click here to read more. The link I give scores you $10 in credits, like a $10 gift card, so you can spend exactly $10 and pay nothing from your pocket, or get something a little nicer like I did, and I ended up paying $4 for a Banana Republic sweater in perfect condition.

The mail! It’s this vast expanse of illuminated gifts floating through the air, just waiting to be plucked from the vacuum of empty space and sent to your door.

The mail brings me good things like face products and clothes and tea. And yes, for those reasons alone, I find mail to be a wonderful invention.

I may be living in a fairy tale right now, but let me enjoy it, please.

And I just subscribed to my first ever monthly magazine. I’m excited for it to come in!

Makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail, maaaaiiiiiillllll!!

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