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It has been my experience, as I’ve been feverishly flipping through teen blog after teen blog (instead of studying), that Bloglovin is somewhat obnoxious, asking you again and again, would you like to follow this blog? You don’t follow this blog. Do you want to? Do ya- do ya- do ya??

I don’t plan on making it that obnoxious on my site. But my thoughts were, ManI gotta get myself on Bloglovin!

Mission success.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

4 thoughts on “Follow Me On Bloglovin

      1. No great success just yet. But I’ll keep you updated!

        I’d say it’s worth it. There isn’t much risk to it. It only requires you put their link in one of your blog posts as proof that you’re the real owner.

        I chose it because each blog I’ve looked into recently has been a part of Bloglovin’. So why not broaden my horizons and join as well, was my thinking.

        There also isn’t any great risk. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

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