15 Things That Annoy Me


I love noting the differences in people. People who love bananas, people who hate bananas with a passion. I can’t stand the smell of tuna and canned chicken, and my mom’s the same way about peanut butter.

People are different.

So I enjoy reading about specifics concerning people’s likes and dislikes and how they think, which brought me to this post idea.

Here are 15 things that annoy me (not in any particular order).

1. Loud eaters. (This is an annoyance because it grosses me out. And if they chew with their mouth open, I will lose my appetite. Then I’m annoyed.)

2. Attention-seekers. (I feel like this annoys everyone.)

3. Unattended dressing rooms. (You’re left feeling awkward and trying to figure out if you should let yourself in or not. Why have a desk for a dressing room attendant if there isn’t going to be an attendant there?)

4. Acting like someone you’re not because you aren’t comfortable in your own skin. (I think you should accept your personality and work with it. Not copy-cat someone else or act in ways that’s obviously not the person you are.)

5. That one person in the choir that has to sing the solo along with the soloist. (I’ve been in a few choirs in my day, and there’s always that one person who doesn’t understand what a solo is.)

6. Pointless criticism. (Constructive criticism is great. Anything else is a waste of saliva. The sad thing is critical people don’t seem to know the difference, they just want their sad opinion heard.)

7. Loners who look miserable being alone. (You’re choosing to be alone, especially if people have asked you to do things with them! It’s your choice so be happy about it, or change it.)

8. Those who cuss for attention. (What are you, fourteen?)

9. Girls who dress provocatively then complain about the losers or perverts who are attracted to them. (Unless you seriously didn’t realize that you’re the one to blame for this. Then I’m sorry, sweetie, but cover up and they’ll go away.)

10. Irresponsible pet owners. (They should be potty trained. No they shouldn’t bite. Dogs and cats should be spayed and neutered. Big dogs aren’t allowed to tackle children. Etc, etc. It’s common sense.)

11. Christians who say “oh my god!” (Makes me wince, always has.)

12. Nail biting. (Leave’s your fingers as ugly nubs. And I can’t stand that “tck-tck-tck” sound of nail-picking or the sound of ripped nails catching on clothing, BIGGEST pet peeve.)

13. Dirty teeth. (I’ve been told I should be a dental hygienist, I’m so picky about teeth.)

14. When my technology-deficiency acts up. (I lock myself out of my phone, by mistake close a document without saving it, send a picture to the wrong person, all that good stuff.)

and I’ll end with this one.

15. Prejudice toward age, and sometimes gender. (I don’t like telling people my age. Older people don’t tend to give me the same respect when they find out how young I really am. Also, I know I’m a girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m not smart, capable, or a hard worker.)

So there’s a little glimpse into what goes on in my head. Now I would like to tag you, reader, to do a similar post! What annoys you? Do you share similar annoyances with me? Are any of my annoyances different from what you would expect?

Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “15 Things That Annoy Me

  1. What about people that don’t know when to stop talking? I’m so annoyed by that, so of course I occasionally find myself doing it. How does that quote go? “That which we abhor in others, we have in ourselves.” Don’t ask me who said it, but it seems to explain hypocrisy.


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