College Goers and College Stayers

It’s that time of year again. Almost fall. . Or is it fall already? Californian’s never know. We only complain about the vast majority of sweaters we have hanging in our closet, sad and unused. Wait, no. That’s just me. I’m a sweater person. Anyone the same?

With fall comes back to school.

With back to school, leaves all my successful, life-on-the-right-track friends. They’re going to college with hopes and dreams, and I’m just here.

Last year, I was fresh out of high school when everyone was packing up and heading out to dorms and roommates and schoolbooks. I considered myself lucky. I thought of how horrible it would be to barely finish school in one place, to pack up and start it all over again somewhere else, with even tougher classes and more homework.

I don’t like school. It is possible for even homeschoolers to not like school, and it’s nobody’s fault. I believe it’s simply personality. Just last Monday, I met another homeschooler who doesn’t like school.

The fact of school doesn’t call to me one bit. The fact that it feels like, in this society, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re nineteen in order to have a successful career and not live with your parents for the rest of your life, does. I’m sad to admit. The peer pressure is there.

Last year, it was more of a relief that I was staying behind and not having to deal with that sailing ship. Getting a job sounded much more fun.

This year, I feel it smacking me in the face. My friends are leaving to college with their bright futures ahead of them. I’m standing where I’ve been standing, not much new, lamely waving  goodbye.

Stupid Target and Walmart back to school sales! don’t help either.

I also know it’s hard being left behind when there’s nothing new to look forward to or distract myself with. My best friend will be leaving September second. In a way, I know it’ll be good. I mean, obviously, it’ll be good for him. He’ll be starting his life and learning to pastor and I’ll be so proud.

But it will really motivate me to get the ball rolling on my writing and in my medical transcription program. Even though, I am very very capable of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, give me a little time and I’ll dive right into something else to occupy my time.

Feeling sorry for myself is only fun as long as the sweets and Anne Of Green Gables movies hold out, then it’s just miserable.

So I’m a college stayer.

Amy, ChrisKyle, and my big brother are college goers.

I guess someone has to hold up the fort.

I’m wondering. Anyone else choose a no college road? No? Just me?

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