College and Career Beach Day

My parents are the leaders of the “College And Career/Singles” class. I always thought calling the class “The Singles” was a cruel reminder, but that’s not what this post is about.

See, we went to the beach.


After setting up in the blistering shock of heat, we were all sat down and given instructions on our very first activity. A scavenger hunt. I don’t know why scavenger hunts make me thing of geese, but they do.

We were split into three teams,

Teamand sent out with a list.

An unbroken shell.

A green rock or sea glass.

A picture with a life guard.

A picture with someone with red hair.

And a picture with a surfer (and board), boogie boarders got half a point.

Extra points for quantity.

We set out, first, to find a person with red hair. Funny enough, the girls were more than happy to comply.



This girl’s hair turned out brown in our picture, so we were happy to find another one.





It was hard finding an unbroken shell and a green rock. Finally we found a mussel and I pointed out these huge green rocks in the brush. We definitely got extra points in volume there.

I’m sad one of my team members *cough cough* deleted the best picture of the three of us with a life guard. Sadly, it was only one life guard, so the team with three life guards in their picture won the points.

We were back early with all the items on our list, except the picture of a surfer. Time was running out so we were getting desperate.



I found a little boy who was standing on a boogie board like a surfer, so I asked him if I could get a picture with him. I was getting strong vibes he was creeped out, so we did it quickly.

Then we thought if we just had a lot of boogie boarders, maybe that would tally up to one point.



Finally we found a surf board. . on a jeep. But we found a surf board.


To our greatest surprise, we were the only team who got the surf board in the picture and thus won the points.

We were victorious and gloried in our prize.


It was a key chain ball thing that you pull the string and it vibrates angrily. It is quite something. And everyone was jealous.

We had lunch and talked about ourselves to get to know each other. Then some of the boys cracked and finally asked if they could get in the water.



It was a sight to see the four of them standing side by side, arms stretched out and facing the wave as it crashed into them and threw them back to the shore.

In guy logic this is supposed to be fun.

Chris told me afterward that they were, “embracing the wave!”

I, however, stood safely on the shore and took pictures like the water scaredy cat I am.

Taking pictures


It was so pretty, and there were so many people, but everyone was having a great time.





I love standing by and feeling the water lap my heels.






Trying to take a nice selfie is evidently impossible.


It was the hottest beach day I’ve ever been to, so I also went deeper in the water than I’ve ever gone, which is a notable experience for me.

Soon we were all wiped and returned to camp for day time smores and naps. Lovely naps.


To finish the day, the whole class got into an amateur volley ball tournament. They tried convincing me I wasn’t that bad at serving, then they’d walk a mile to retrieve the ball and apologize to whoever I hit.

We must be a welcoming group, because a total stranger came up to us and asked if he could join! He must’ve felt comfortable with how bad we were.

By dinner, everyone was talking to everyone, brought closer together with sunburns and sand.

It was a very good day! We returned to the church happy and exhausted and attempted to rest up Saturday in order to look presentably red for Sunday morning service.

It was a good day.



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