Busy, Busy, Busy

I don’t know when it truly hit me. But I feel like I was staring at a wall somewhere when the thought finally occurred.

I’m busy.

I never considered myself as busy. Whenever I heard people say, “I’m too busy” or “I never have the time,” I always thought it was the lamest excuse, and the most transparent one that simply meant, “Netflix takes higher priority.”

I still think it’s a lame excuse. I think if you truly put effort, you will find the time. You just don’t want to.

I’ve always thought, “there are enough hours in the day. Just sleep less.” Easier said than done.

Suddenly, all my thoughts and skeptical sayings have caught up with me, and I am now living it. The good thing is caffeine replaces sleep, right?

I don’t think — no, rephrase — I’ve never, in my life, been this busy.

And it’s not even that busy.

Being homeschooled, I had my schoolwork that needed to be completed at some point within the allotted twenty-four hour period, and then I was done and free to do whatever I wanted.

Not busy at all.

But now, I have something to do at every second of every day, and to be honest, I like it.

I usually wouldn’t bother waking up early. First, because I hate it. And secondly, there was no reason to. I didn’t have anything to wake up early for. (Some of you on summer break know what I’m talking about.)

I still don’t wake up early. I try. But I struggle. (That’s a whole other post.) The calling of my bed is too strong. And then I read Proverbs 6, all about the sluggards and how they love sleep and they’ll starve if they don’t work, and I feel guilty the rest of the day. Not good.

However, the difference from these times as opposed to every other time is that I do have things I need to get done. I need to do my devotionals and blog. I need to clean my room (especially after making the fashion video on Saturday. Do you think I put any of those clothes away? Ha, you’re funny.)

Showers and attempting to eat three meals a day are important. I always end up eating breakfast at eleven thirty, so I’m not sure if that counts as two meals or one.

I have my fiction writing that I’m DYING to get into, but by the time I’m usually done with the first tasks, it’s time for work and I’m stuck there for four to six hours.

I have my Medical Transcription study. I’m doing fairly well keeping up on it. It’s almost time for me to buy PART 2. Do you guys remember me writing about that a while back? I should do a post on that, too.

So many post ideas!

I have my singing and teaching commitments at church. I’ve sang for the past three Sundays, which was pretty darn cool. I feel like I’m improving. (It also helps when people come up to me afterwards and say “you’re improving!”)

I have my fashion and cooking blog that I’d like to post in a little more regularly, especially the cooking blog. However, that takes up time.

I lead a women’s bible study at my house biweekly, which is what I’ll be prepping for after this.

I bought The Fault In Our Stars weeks ago and have yet to crack the cover! Now that one hurts.

Anyways, this isn’t a post to brag or complain. I’m just seriously busy, and it’s new for me. I love everything I do, though – well, sometimes with the exception of work, but what can ya do – so I am blessed in that sense.

I honestly don’t know if some of the things I’m invested in are considered important or worth it. I know I’m not going to college or providing for a family, or anything traditional of the sort. But they’re important to me, and worth it to me, whether this blogging thing is a phase or not.

I feel like, in growing up, you should take your present ideas and dreams and run with them. Why not? I learned that from my parents. Whenever us kids were interested in something, they would shower us with tools or workshops and encouragements, as opposed to telling us it’s just a phase and not to try.

Even if it is a phase, you can look back and know you gave it your all.

Anyways, that was a random trail I went off on.

So yeah. I’m busy. But it’s fun. I do feel myself starting to do my own things away from the family and such. It’s strange and bumpy, but I do feel adulthood starting to come on.

But I’m not going to think about that now. Adulthood doesn’t sound like fun. What I’m doing now, for the most part, is a lot of fun. X-)

Back to work! Busy, busy, busy.

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