I My First Fashion Video!

I was sitting around one day, trying to think of a clever idea for Friday’s post, when it hit me. I had mentioned in my 100 Followers post that I wanted to do something different. I vaguely brushed over the video idea.

Well, I thought, why not!

Screenshot 2014-08-09 22.41.00


I definitely have a new respect for YouTubers and the like. Videos take FOR-ever. First you have to film, then edit, then voice over, then music, and effects. . .

The voice over is what killed me. You’ll hear about it in the video, but to begin with, I was too shy to speak up. My voice was coming in too soft (which is never a problem for me). So I had to record, stop, listen to see if you could hear me, re-record, stop, listen, and continue.

Screenshot 2014-08-09 11.22.29


I stored up quite a collection on my desktop. .

It takes a certain confidence to flop about and record yourself. Taking the footage wasn’t so hard, I think I’m used to taking pictures of myself for the blog. But talking into the microphone, and ultimately talking to the camera was very awkward for me.

It’s the strangest thing.

I guess I’m a good pretender, but in the end, I do get uncomfortable if it’s all about me.

The video is a uber simple fashion vid. My goal was to try something new in honor of 100 Followers. I did have fun coming out of my comfort zone, though! You can definitely tell I get better as it progresses. Hopefully you’re interested that long.

I know if I read someone’s words for so long and they made a video, I would be interested for the sole reason of wanting to hear how they really talk and what they look like.

I feel like I talk funny in the video, but then, everyone says that.

I figure, in the end, I do start off a little quiet in the beginning of every friendship, so it’s as if you’re getting to know me.


My name’s Rebekah.


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