$11 Thrift Haul

Because I needed to do something to blog about, I just had to go out and spend money. You guys practically forced me. I had to. I had no choice.There was also a 50% off sale. On the whole store.

Overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. I’m still overwhelmed!

The truth is I had work for seven hours Saturday morning and didn’t feel like spending the rest of my now-free Saturday stuck at home. My family said there was a sale at the thrift store. I couldn’t believe we were still lounging about the house! We all got dressed, I put what I thought was around ten dollars of tip money in my wallet, and we sped on down to our favorite thrifting spot, eyes wide, lips licking, and rubbing our hands together in excited anticipation.

They seemed to have brought out all the stops for this sale. There were even tables piled with clothes from the overflow. I didn’t know where to start.

I started with the overflow tables, which was a recipe for disaster since I’m accident prone, and one wrong tug on the wrong garment would’ve sent the whole table into a landslide. I picked up two articles I wasn’t sure about and held on to them. One was a very school-teacher tweed jacket with old fashioned buttons and the other was a strapless black top with white rose embroidery. I have eclectic taste.

I’ve learned early on that if I’m not sure about a garment to hold on to it. NOT to leave it where I found it, or else I might see someone else with it and want it more or regret putting it back in the first place.

I moved on to tank tops. I’ve been looking for white lose tank tops for a while without luck. But I fell in love with this one. I’m pretty sure I smiled and wasted no time adding it to the stack quickly accumulating on my arm.

(Please excuse all my half-asleep expressions in these pictures. It was late, and I was exhausted.)

The tank top is a light cream color with black buttons and black vintage mirrors silhouetted down the sides. It also has ruffles, which I like. I loved it even more when I tried it on at home to find it’s cinched at the waist with two straps, also held together with black buttons. If you read the post on my main blog about Being Short, you’ll see how small I am, and thus how hard it is to find things that naturally show my figure.

The buttons on the sides of this top, however, have been tugged on, which created little holes. But they are easily fixed with a few stitches of the needle. I didn’t notice this at the store, but I don’t care because I love it too much. These are things you take into account while thrift shopping. Are the alterations worth it to you?

The top was $3.

I circled around the tank top isle into blouses, where I collected quite a few tops. Towards the end I realized I was more in love with the prices than the clothes, so I put them back, all except for this fluffy blouse.

The brand is Forever 21, and it’s a sheer dark brown with blue feathers on it. The sleeves have a small puff, and the bottom has a thick built in elastic strap to make it look like it’s forever tucked in, without you having to go through all the trouble of really tucking in a sheer fluffy shirt.

It was $2.

Breezing through the gray tops, I found this casual V neck.

I wasn’t sure if it would be too big, but I actually liked the fit. I recognized it from Target. I tried it on at Target too but I didn’t like how it clung to me. Whoever had this shirt previously stretched it out just the right amount, so thank you. It’s also ridiculously soft like a pajama shirt.


I’m addicted to cardigans. Naturally, I had to breeze through those as well. I’ve also been looking for a chunky, loosely crochet style cardigan. THRIFT TIP: You may have seen a pattern. You need to be looking for something at the thrift store in order to find a completely random treasure you fall in love with. And yes, probably more often than not, you won’t find the thing you’ve originally been looking for.

For example, I never found the chunky cardigan, but I did find a cardigan, that upon holding up, I glanced at my little brother who had joined me on my search and said, “It’s mine.”

I’ll start with the picture of the back.

I apologize for the shadow, but the back is an illustration of Paris. There is the Eiffel Tower, cute buildings and trees, and women in hats and plaid skirts, sitting at cafe tables.

The front also shows a woman walking her little dog on one side.

And on the other, again, a woman sitting at a cafe.

I. Love.

And it went with the v-neck I just bought!


As I was walking about, looking for my parents to show them my glorious finds, I whipped around and grabbed a lime green metal contraption from one of the shelves, almost decapitating my brother in the process.

This is one of the random articles from my thrift haul. I’ve been needing something for my door. It being so small and lime green wasn’t ideal, but as you can see from this picture, it’s already been put to work.


Continuing with the random buys. I also found two mugs.

One was a dainty, greenish blue one with a floral embellishing.

Thirty cents.

And the second one is my pride and joy.

It says TEA on it.

And the back has a small niche (I truly believe it was mistaken for a chip and that’s why the mug hadn’t been snatched up by anyone else), with a teacup dangling by a thread and the message: I’LL HOLD THE BAG.

Tell me that is not adorable!

Thirty cents.

I had officially made my ten dollar price mark, but I was still on a quiet search for something beach worthy. We were thinking of having a beach trip and I needed something more modest than my usual shorts and a tank top.

My friend described this as “very Ariel,” but I’m struggling with the fact that it looks like a day-after shirt. It was only $1.30, which I figured I could live with if it didn’t work out. I mostly decided wearing a dress would be too uncomfortable, so I chose clothes I already owned.

Anyone else do this?

My total came to about $23 dollars at checkout, marked down for $11.80 after the 50% discount. I was a little sore I went a dollar eighty over my price limit. I blame it on the swim cover up fail.

But then I look at all the treasures I bought and I’m happy again!

I love thrifting. In case you haven’t noticed. And yes it is possible to splurge/have a shopping spree with eleven dollars!

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