Doing The Right Thing – Now

Sunday night, my friends and I had a huge deep discussion on life, loving ourselves, and God’s plan. It was around frozen yogurt and at a mini kid’s table where the chairs are six inches off the ground and our knees are up at our stomachs. Thinking back, I guess we looked ridiculous. But we had good talks.

One of the main ones was “I wish I knew what God’s plan was for me. It’d be so much easier.”

Sure, it could be easier to have our whole life mapped out for us on a calendar, but in my opinion, how fun would that be? I think the truth is that we want gold stars. We want God to send down little trinkets, signs, or presents to signify that we’re doing the right thing. That He’s pleased with us, etc.

And He does. If you don’t think so, you’re being lazy in looking for His blessings. That’s not my point for this post though.

We want to know what God’s plan is for us. We want to know what He’d have us do, here and now, so we don’t mess up, so He’s pleased with us, and so forth.

Here’s the trick to that.

Stop wherever you are and think: what would God have me do right now?

Notice it’s different from “What Would Jesus Do?” cause, let’s face it: we’re not Jesus. I think the analogy gets lost in that fact. So make it more personal.

What would God have ME to do right now.

Not your brother, not Jesus, you as a person, with your individual insecurities, sin, and talents and gifts He’s given you. What would He have you do?

It’s a really good question to constantly ask yourself. Then when you accomplish the task, you feel so proud and right with God it makes you happy. No guilt.

For me, I’ve started with the task of decluttering my room. It isn’t exactly a breeze, since I’ve had things since the fifth grade. But it’s cleansing. I thought it would be painful. It’s emotional a little. But I’m feeling good about it. More grown up too.

Biblically, my parents are always saying how we’re like Abraham. Keep your belongings at a minimum, so if God asks us to pack up and move to a distant land (like. . . Bakersfield), we’re ready.

But the real reason I’m sharing that with you is because it isn’t this huge, spiritual, saintly task like giving up a kidney to help a young boy in need. I just feel it’s one of the things God would have me to do, right now.

So if you’re willing to try this out, don’t think it has to be huge. Don’t think “I need to die on a cross.” Actually at that point, you’re just confusing WWJD with do the right thing now. That’s a little over the top.

Think about your personal life (house, family, work, people you influence). Think about you as a person. Then sit still a moment and pray: God what would You have me do?

The first thing you think about, do it.

Then – wow – would you look at that? You just found out God’s will for your life.

And you’re doing it. =-)

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