CHEA Day #3 And Some Life Decisions (2014)

Congratulations everyone! We have successfully survived CHEA 2014!

It was fun.

I got a blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning, followed by a nice long shower since we learned our lesson from being an hour early yesterday. Our classes start at 11:30 not 10:30.

The first class I took was called “Homemaking For The Domestically Challenged.” I loved it. The speaker was blond and cute and her husband was right there, handing out papers for the drawing. She talked about time management and organization and cleaning and hospitality and meal planning. I was taking notes the whole time. I love women who can talk about being a mom and wife in a fun sense, as opposed to a dragging her feet in an obligation to be happy to her kids, sense. It pumps me up to see it.

After the first session was lunch break. This time we were pros and didn’t have to jump the fence to get to the main road. Our destination was Subway, which our phones swore was only seventeen minutes away.

2014-05-31 12.49.03

Seventeen minutes is forever when it’s hot and humid and you have no idea where you’re going. We eventually came across Subway and about ten Australian tourist. It was awesome to hear them as we ate. The people there were super nice too.

It was a trek back to the convention, where I blindly followed my mom to her class before realizing that I didn’t want to be in a College Prep class. I checked the schedule and scurried over to the Time Management For Parents and Teens. I ended up being late to the class which I found ironic. I had a little chuckle to myself like a person with a mental instability as I walked alone into the building.

I learned a few things in that one, though didn’t enjoy it as much as the Undomesticated one. As my mom and little brother were busy in workshops, I wandered the Exhibit Hall crammed with booths and people, sipping raspberry tea from my Subway cup, and avoiding eye contact from the people adamant about shoving a brochure into my hand.

Because I enjoyed the first speaker so much, I decided to go to her other seminar, a 30 day challenge on how to bless your husband. I don’t have a husband, so I felt even more ostracized squeezing into a chair for this session than all the others. I don’t really know why. Learning about kids seems to look worse if I’m supposed to be a young single girl.

Oh well.

She was fun. And there was another drawing! But I didn’t win the cute homemaker apron in that one either.

I made a big decision during this conference though. Besides my new goals in time management and realizing I need to reward myself for good jobs. . .

I spent around $550.

Whoo. That’s hard to swallow.

It’s a half-now-half-later payment on curriculum on how to be a Medical Transcriptionist. MT’s are the people who take a doctor’s voice-recorded reports and type them down on paper.

Well. . . I’m good at typing! There’s a plus.

I’ll get my first ridiculously large binder shipped to me on Friday.

$550 dollars. . . This is really all my money in the world, but MTing pays well and the woman selling the curriculum is the owner and guarantees a job once I graduate the program.

I’m nervous as heck.

It’d surprise you, the things that come about going to a homeschool convention. . I’ll be giving you updates as I go along with it. I’m always saying writers should put themselves in new and uncomfortable situations to “know more.” You recognize it, as in “write what you know”?

So yeah.

Right now, I know I’m scared.

Oh boy.

It was fun being near Disneyland though. However, I’ll be happy to get home tomorrow and relax my poor, poor brain.

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