DIY Earring Display

I’m really into vintage fashion. I love the treasure hunt of thrifting, finding the one-of-a-kind gems in it that regular shopping doesn’t provide. And I love that I won’t catch anyone else wearing my outfit when I go out and about.

I’ve been really infatuated with the idea of an earring display, or just something to hang my earrings on. I was shopping around when I found a window screen wedged between the shelf and the wall. A tall employee helped me get it out, but I couldn’t shell $1.65 for an old window screen. I left it. But with the possibility in mind.

At another thrift store, the woman had used little picture frames and white bug mesh to hang her earrings, and boom. I was going to go home and do the same – with my own twist.

What you’ll need. . .

2014-05-26 18.48.23

– A picture frame, any size (mine was $3, second hand)

– A roll of window screen large enough for your frame (I chose aluminum for mine because of the color and durability. Lowe’s, $8)

– Measuring tape/ruler

– Sharpie


– Staple gun

You want to start with a clean surface.

2014-05-26 18.42.41

Then begin by measuring your frame from the underside. Don’t go by what your frame may say it’s size is. Measure to about an inch out from the border, where you will be eventually stapling your screen.

2014-05-26 18.52.36

Now that you know what size you need, unravel your screen and measure out what you need, marking with the sharpie. You don’t have to worry about sharpie marks because it will all be hidden behind the screen.

2014-05-26 19.02.24

I’ve always struggled with cutting things straight, like when making clothes, or cutting window screen. So I use this angle ruler for extra help.

2014-05-26 19.05.12

While it was there, I traced a line down the side of it, then down the other side for easy cutting.

2014-05-26 19.08.57

2014-05-26 19.10.11

I had brought out wire cutters, but regular scissors worked fine. However, aluminum can dull them, so be sure to use scissors you’re not emotionally attached to.

2014-05-26 19.12.25

2014-05-26 19.13.32

2014-05-26 19.14.51

Check and see how your cut screen matches up with the back of your frame.

2014-05-26 19.17.32

2014-05-26 19.17.42

2014-05-26 19.18.03

I realized these hooks that needed to be cut through the screen. Easy fix.

2014-05-26 19.22.03

2014-05-26 19.22.10

2014-05-26 19.23.10

2014-05-26 19.26.38

I thought my dad was sticking around just to hang out, but he was also waiting for me to get to the staple gun. He asked if I knew how to use it. I didn’t, but I figured I’d squeeze the handle when I was ready. He taught me how to push on it, then it was my turn.

2014-05-26 19.28.52

I added pressure to the front like he did, then started to squeeze. It got to the point that my hand was aching, but I could feel that I wasn’t squeezing all the way. So I squeezed harder with all my might, almost grunting. Finally, one staple shot out. And I needed a break.

I did a couple as he held the screen taut for me, then didn’t hesitate to say yes when he asked if I wanted him to take over. He kind of laughed and said he just wanted to see me do it.

2014-05-26 19.34.11

Instead of stapling four corners and filling in the middle, we started at one corner and fanned out from there. He said that it helps in case we create slack, we can pull it from the opposite side to tighten it.

We went around once, then since we had staples left over, went staple crazy, filling in the gaps to make it even more taut. I did a few more on my own at that time.

2014-05-26 19.40.37

And that’s it!

2014-05-26 19.42.39

Time to take it inside and search the nook and crannies of your bedroom for all your lost dangly earrings to hang.

2014-05-27 09.27.11

2014-05-27 09.26.42

You may realize you have space to buy more. =-)

2014-05-27 09.27.00

Thank you to Kyle B for donating the frame to my cause, and to my dad for stapling and always taking the risk that I may break your tools.


3 thoughts on “DIY Earring Display

  1. Nice DIY for earrings and you can hang it up so it’s not taking up counter space as well. I like the frame too, a bit shabby chic!


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