Our hotel burned last night. . We were awakened by smoke and alarms. And quickly evacuated. I barely had time to grab my laptop and cell phone before fireman were yelling and banging down doors for us to get out.

We assembled outside along with other PJ-clad residents, and watched, without words, as our hotel began to flame forty feet away. .


April fools!! You probably saw it coming.

We had breakfast, packed up in record time, and hit the road.


Really pretty scenery.

20140401_100708And tikis.


Chief Yellowhorse lives there.


Lunch was McDonald’s and then we headed over to a hotel my mom booked on her phone nearby.

It ended up being so close we arrived before they had the room ready. We waited in the car outside the room like maid stalkers until she finally got the one pillow case covered and towels hung.

Then we entered the room. It instantly felt like the smallest room we’ve been in on this trip. And the bathroom was HUGE. And everything in there felt… short.

“It’s a handicapped room,” my mom told us.

She went and asked if they wanted us to move, but they were sweet enough to let us stay. Isn’t that nice?

This is the smallest room. And reminds me of a grandmother’s home, in the negative way. But I’m set up in a sleeping bag on the couch and I feel like I’m at a sleepover, which is fun.

Dinner was at the Cracker barrel. Funny enough each time we’ve gone has been in this state. Instead of chicken and dumplings, I had pancakes. Three of them.


I also asked for their yummy whip cream on the side, and was pleasantly surprised that the syrup came in this little glass bottle! I ate it all. All.

I am full.

I am also glad we didn’t decide to walk there, as was our original plan. The butter was also really good, I forgot to mention. I ate all of that too. I was basically in pancake heaven.

Now, there are no special things with the hotel we’re currently in, like gym or pool, so we’re just hanging out.

I’m slowly running out of things to do.

On a PS, can you believe this is our THIRTIETH day of the trip? Seems so much shorter.

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