Traveling And Bad Hotels

Big travel day today.

From Georgia to Alabama.


From Alabama to Mississippi.


I know it’s a teeny corner, but look at how the road turns to yellow the second we get into Mississippi!

We also went to a rest stop, that was really, really pretty.


And where I found out that this, indeed, does shoot out water.


I don’t know why, because there’s a water fountain three feet away. But this works. So don’t let your kids next to it. Or me.

We scooted on through Tennessee.


The bad part of Tennessee. .


It was very scary. Very sketchy. We locked the doors.

It was bad timing that both my little brother and I needed to go to the bathroom. I cautiously went in a one person bathroom that had two bolt locks and looked like a crime scene – toilet paper everywhere and the soap dispenser in a few different pieces.. But there was toilet paper. And after centering the toilet seat back on the bowl with my foot, it was fine.

I got back in the van and over sanitized.

Finally, we found the Mississippi River, and just as quickly, we were in Arkansas, our last destination for today.



I think we were all ready to bunk in for the night, especially my mom. So we weren’t picky finding the closest hotel and dragging our things in. They may have an elevator. And they may have put us on the first floor. But they have no carts.

Some. People..

It also was way too expensive for what we got. And someone upstairs is throwing furniture around. I’m waiting for one of my family members to crack and finally comment on it.

After visiting one of my friends tomorrow, we don’t have any other stops planned and are making the long trek home.

I do have a lot of hotel-tips after this trip. Like maybe, if you’re going to have complimentary coffee in the lobby, make it warm? It wasn’t even me who wanted it today. It was my mom.

And it’d be nice if the side doors actually did open with our card keys. Especially if it’s pouring rain and we’re rushing to get in.

I hope tomorrow’s hotel is better than this one. But eh, beggars can’t be choosers.

And everyone knows, bad hotels make for good stories.

Unless it’s this one. .

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