Issues With Hotels

The video game my little brother bought yesterday ended up missing a key component. Some sort of starter code that was in the manual that of course was missing from the game. However, the man did say we could return it, which we had laughed off as a joke, but turns out, we did.

There are a few “McKay Used Books CDs Movies And More”s around, and since we were headed to Atlanta, Georgia, there was one on the way.

I was so happy because this time I wasn’t feeling like I was going to faint and meet Jesus. I was able to really browse! (Which means really make a dent in my money spendings. I’m unemployed. I need to remind myself to stop.)

I forgot! We finally ate at a Waffle House! It was about time, we’ve seen them everywhere.


My little brother got a peanut butter waffle and I got a chocolate chip, both came with the chips simply sprinkled on the waffle itself. And we all felt very country to be trying grits for the first time.

We also got to hear “shop talk” like, “double biscuits, covered” or strange things like that, that don’t exactly make sense. But then I guess they do. To someone..

It was after that that we went to the next book store. And a blew more of my collected tip money.


Look how big this place is. I love the organization of all these McKay stores. Nothing irritates me more than not being able to find anything. But at these stores, each isle is labeled, then each section of the isle is labeled, and then each book shelf is labeled. *relaxed exhale* Heaven.

Our next problem wasn’t dealing with how much we spent, but finding where the heck in our crammed van were we going to put all these newly bought books.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Lunch was Panda Express, where my mother made us vow we would never let her succumb to her Panda Express weakness until we were back on the west coast. It’s just not the same here..


ELEGANT SURROUNDINGS WILL SOON BE YOURS.. Followed by the saddest deformed fortune cookie you’ve ever seen.

Finding our next hotel had a few. . issues.

My little brother made a negative comment toward the hotel we were IN THE PARKING LOT for, saying how he liked Holiday Inns better, so we moved on down the road. There was a sign for a Holiday Inn, we just couldn’t see it.

We passed a huge diamond.

20140326_165211Then kept driving. And driving.

After driving through beautiful Georgia countryside, don’t get me wrong. So lush green and forest-y and clear, (with the other side of the road CRAMMED with traffic, so we couldn’t turn back if we wanted to) we finally found the hotel. Later, my mom looked at the map and realized the hotel was actually an exit down from the exit we had taken, and that’s why it took so long to get there.

That didn’t stop us from giving my brother a hard time about it.

I didn’t appreciate the service. When we arrived, the man behind the desk was on the phone, never acknowledged us, then put the caller on hold, went to the back to check something, then came back to the phone and STILL didn’t acknowledge us. I was ready to leave.

My mom on the other hand was done driving around.

This hotel has a 24 hour gym. A pool that’s closed. And at least a free shuttle service.

We went to the mall.


We had Chick Fil A and Dairy Queen and walked the mall. Then when it was time to go, we called the shuttle service like they told us to. Twice.

Then waited. Out in the dark. Out in the cold.

And waited.

Soon my mom called again. They said oh, someone will be there in seven minutes. By that time, we were waiting in the warm vestibule of the mall and stores were closing around us.

Finally the guy showed, in the smelly van that was painted to look like a shuttle. I got in and closed my nostrils. It’s scary how I can chose not to smell. But then good at the same time, because I looked over at my little brother and he was holding a sleeve up to his face.

We’re back at the hotel now, safe and sound. And I guess there’s not really much wrong with it. I may just be having a bad attitude.

At least this one has an elevator.

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