Green And Sunshine In Tennesse

After hauling our bags back down the stairs this morning, we hit the road. We had slept in, so we missed hotel breakfast but had granola bars and fruit punch on the go.

Then it was just go, go, go.

And go.

Pretty scenery in though.


It was green for once! And the sun was out! Beautiful Tennessee.

Surprisingly nothing happened today. We just stayed on the road.

. . However, considering we were pulled over and followed by cops a few times, I guess that’s never stopped things from happening before.

But nope! Nothin’.


We drove right to our next hotel without a hitch and waited in the car for my mom to check in. She returned with bad news.

“I said, ‘Pretty stairs.. You have an elevator?’ He said no.” She laughed. “We’re on the second floor.”


It’s a big box with a string attached to it. Invest.

If that wasn’t enough, as I begin to haul bags and laptops up the stairs, I sniff something. Then sniff again.

The whole top floor smells like cigarette smoke. Which is ironic since there are “NO SMOKING” symbols on every door and wall I’ve seen. Our hotel room doesn’t smell like smoke that much, just the hallway. We’ve cracked open the window to try to clear the air.

My mom and little brother have resorted to openly covering their noses whenever we walk the hallways.

I mean, it’s bad.

I don’t think we’ll be missing this hotel very much.

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