Today we had planned to hit the road again, but my mom wasn’t feeling well. It worked for the better, though, because all three of us needed the day to recharge our batteries.

We slept in. It was glorious. Then we leisurely got dressed and caught a shuttle out to the Fashion Centre for a breakfast/lunch of Popeye’s, which ended up being three dollars more than what we pay back home but was really good.

We shopped around a little, then walked across the street to Costco. We had been in there a few days ago looking at phones, and I have to say, I got a little obsessed.

I’m a really big saver, so buying a somewhat expensive phone is an option for me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I’ve suffered because of messed up phones. My LG Optimus died. And it was dead during “The Morphlings,” which can be really dangerous (especially that night), so I switched to my mom’s old BlackBerry Curve.

This thing is so old that emails come in as huge paragraphs of Internet links. The tracker ball has lost almost all it’s friction so it’s close to perfectly smooth. And then it was starting die.

I was more than emotionally prepared to put the phone to rest.

My mom really liked the guy who had talked to us the last time we were in Costco. He knew his stuff, was super helpful, and gave us information we didn’t know about before. Like how we could cancel our contract with Sprint now, for only $100 since there’s only one phone left on the contract, my dad’s. The rest of us were just waiting it out.

With all the information, and my excitement of finally seeing a new phone in my future. I couldn’t stop talking about phones. Staring at people who had phones. Wanting to learn more about them.

It came down to the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. In my mind, of course. None of this was happening in real life.

Until this afternoon. When we were in Costco again, playing with phones, and my mom “psst!”-ed me over and told me we were going to sign up with Verizon, and have I decided which phone I wanted?

Heaven. Pure heaven.

I decided on the Galaxy S4, while my mom (and older brother, who wasn’t even there, but already put his order in) got the LGs.

My mom then had to run (because they closed in fifteen minutes) my brother’s phone to the post office across the street and put it on 24 hour shipping to get it to him.

We’re all technological now.

PhoneAin’t she a beaut!

We stopped in CVS for chocolate bars and chocolate milk before heading back to the hotel and beginning the initial frying of our eyeballs as we figure out how to use these wondrous things.

Today was a good day.

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